The Prep Room @ Sri Hartamas, KL

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The Prep Room

Tuck in a quiet neighbourhood of Sri Hartamas, this charming café is the brainchild of the couple – Akmal Zaki and Kuan Ling. This duo put in a lot of hearts and efforts in establishing this café, from front to the back, offering the upmost sincere fares to the patrons. The recipe is all crafted and experimented by Kuan Ling, incorporating what she loves from her comfort homecook fares and what she likes from those days she worked in Bangkok. Therefore, you will be able to find a lot of surprises in her dishes.




The menu is extremely cute!!! Zaki, who loves drawings and art, hand-illustrated and painted it; and it features a huge selection of dishes such as burger, pasta, salad, breakfast and dessert; all made with efforts and made entirely from scratch.




Coffee here is priced pretty affordable, laced with beautiful latte art. A decent cuppa for the day is always a must.



Coconut Crunchy Shrimp (Rm 15)
Coated with desiccated coconut, deep fried and served with addictive spicy dips. This idea suddenly popped up when Kuan Ling was driving home from work; she thought why not use desiccated coconut for the breaded prawn! These deep fried bits were addictive. Must pair it with the dipping sauce for that spicy kick!



Thai Larb Kai (Rm 10)
Thai style chicken salad with refreshing lemongrass. Something not to be missed as it was really good. Very well spiced and flavourful.


Budoshu (Rm 19.5)
One of the Malaysians’ favourites and it is very filling! Served with a huge piece of chicken that was tender and drenched with rich and creamy tomato cream and Japanese pearl rice that is coloured with peaberry flower.



Spicy Thai Spaghetti (Rm 18.5)
Thai pepper and basil with seafood, an inspiration from Kuan Lung and Zaki from their few years stay in Bangkok. In Thailand, it is known as drunken spaghetti whereby the taste of spiciness is assumed to make one drunk! Hence, the name. both of them love this dish very much and decided to bring the flavours of Bangkok to KL. The portion was pretty generous, dosed with fresh ingredients and the bursting fiery chillies. Very very spicy and make you keep going one forkful after another.



Rajdamri Pasta (Rm 19.5)
Linguine with Australian beef and seafood



Shaolin Pasta (Rm 22.5)
Linguine with 63 degree egg, seafood and added with a dose of Chinese wine! Give a stir to this bowl of pasta and voila, turned out to be something really amazing!



All Day Breakkie (Rm 22.5)
Not the usual breakfast set you see here. Comes with chicken or beef lorbak, omelette, housemade wholemeal bread, baked beans and stuffed bell pepper. Lorbak was something very homey, also Kuan Ling’s comfort food where she grew up with. The pan fried scrambled egg with “cha omm” is a dish she love when she was working in Bangkok.


Yeasted Waffle (Rm 15)
Topped with fresh fruits with scoop of vanilla ice cream. The yeasted fermentation gave a savoury taste to the batter, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.



Nut-coholic (Rm 17)
Must order this if you are here. Made from scratch, with peanut butter layered with gold rum and cream. The texture was sandy with intense peanut butter flavour. So yum when you mix up with the raisin rum and cream and put them on the palate. Something I love!


The Prep Room
5, Jalan Sri Hartamas 7,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

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