Smoking Hog X 44 Bar: The Collaboration Dinner

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A mysterious restaurant hidden on top of Crab Factory; possesses a secretive entrance which faced a small alley, at the side of the restaurant. It is very secretive, as though a private club or a private dining place that I had to look twice, searched twice before really reaching up there on my visit.


Smoking Hog


Is its name. And this is the place for the delicious oink oink dishes!

As soon as I stepped out of the lift, I was amazed with what I saw. This place was dark and dimly lit; carries a very classy ambience with matching leather chairs. There were interesting art paintings on the wall and also a melted candle chandelier on the counter which gave a vintage-y mansion look.




Upstairs, there is a space for private function and an open area balcony that overlooking the SS2 neighbourhood. And here is where they smoke their bacon with this smoker pit.


Coming soon on end of this month, there will be the collaboration between Smoking Hog and 44 Bar!
44 Bar is a pop up bar featuring the exclusive American craft spirits from artisanal distilleries for the alcohol enthusiasts.

During these sessions, ones get to enjoy the fanciful cocktails invented by the mixologist and to pair it up with the dishes specially crafted by the chef of Smoking Hog. It is going to be an exciting night as one is surrounded with few courses of cocktail pairing; also, it is going to be a stimulating session to your taste buds; freshen up with the scents and flavours.

Smoking Hog & 44Bar Collaborate

27th Friday (1 session: 8pm) &

28th Saturday (2 sessions: 6.30pm to 8.30pm & 8.30pm till late)

Dinner only (Max 30 diners per session)

Price at Rm 180 per pax


STARTER (1st Course):


Tempura Oyster with Balsamic Reduction



Signature Cheesy Baked Oyster


Same kind of ingredients but done with different method. One is tempura-ed while the other is baked. Lightly hinted with salt and they were both equally good. If you asked me which do I prefer, I guess that will be the tempura-ed style. Reminiscing the fried kaki (deep fried oyster) I had in a Japanese restaurant years back.

SALAD (2nd course):



Sparkling Mary
Ice Glen Vodka, homemade tomato shrub with herbs & spiced, topped with sparkling wine

Bacon Wrapped Takoyaki & Kimchi Baby Octopus Salad
A new fusion dish with takoyaki and kimchi running round the bacon. Interesting pairs.


MAIN COURSE 1 (3rd Course)

Egg bomb with Devil Tartar
Cw’s Berries Ku Ru yok


Sparkle Donkey Reposado Tequila, conteloupe juice, all spiced syrup, pineapple juice, lime


Egg Bomb with Devil Tartar was superb!!! It stood up hard and firm; but once you cut through it, it was runny and creamy. Love the blending of yolk and tartar that was not gooey but not cloyingly.



Cw’s Berries Ku Ru yok was an east meet west dish. It tasted like the Chinese ku lou yok, but the sourish hint came from berries which gave a fruity scent. Served along wth mantao and mushroom bean sprout salad.


MAIN COURSE 2 (4th Course)

Pork Chop
Oxtail & Pig Ear Stew


Cigar smoked Boulevardier
FEW Rye, Campari, Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth smoked with Cuban Cigar


Pork Chop was heftily stuffed with fillings.


Oxtail & Pig Ear Stew
This is the star of the night!!! Or at least, it’s my star!!! Oxtail is made of Australian wagyu. Well, I am not a fan of oxtail but I am a fan of Pig Ear!!! The pig ear was thin and lay with a little hint of soft crunchy texture. Super in love the gelatinous texture of the pig ear. The others only tried one bites but then later I finished up on behalf of them. That’s too gooooood!!! Thanks mates for leaving this precious ear to me. Served along with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes.




Smoking Hog Bacon Eggs Ice Cream
Homemade savoury ice creams that you must order even you are not having their course pairing meal. There were bacon bits in the sweet vanilla ice cream. Topped with slices of crispy smoking hog candied smoked bacon and they married well with the creamy salty ice cream. Too good for sharing actually. Haha.


Privateer American Amber Rum

These were the items we sampled the other day (minus the pairing booze). If you are a fan of course pairing session, especially this kind of special collaboration, call for reservation now at 03- 7865 9239 as the seats are pretty limited. Remember to let me know how it’s like to go with the cocktails ya (as we didn’t get to try on the cocktails).

*** ***

Smoking Hog’s favourites are always available. Fans of oink oink should visit this place.


Smoking Hog’s Signature Bacones (Rm 32)
A true bacon delight! Made with 2 crispy smoked bacons into cone shape and stuffed with mash, scrambled eggs and baked beans; served with Smoking Hog’s housemade tomato sauce. Priced on a steeper side but this breakfast in a cone is pretty special and very Instagram-able. Hehe. Good for sharing as it can be quite filling to have it all by yourself.



Caesar Salad (Rm 23)
Tossed in with lots of salted egg yolk, the artery clogging agent but let’s eat first think later lar.


Smoking Hog’s Devilled Eggs (Rm 29 for 6 halves)


Double Smoked Duck Fettucine Carbonara (Rm 39)
Served covering with a glass that is dosed with a portion of smoke; continue “smoking” the pasta until the glass is lifted. The carbonara was rich, creamy, smooth and smoky due to the aromatic smoke-filled effect.




Yolk porn!!! Ahhhh!


Grilled Pig Tongue’s Burger (Rm 32)
Ahhh, the tongue!!! Ok, I am weird. I am not the innards person but I find myself have a kind of good feeling towards the tongue and ears of piggy.



Baked Rice Cake Lasagna (Rm 25)
Cheesy, aromatic baked rice cake; pretty good but we were all too full to stuffed in more.


Smoking Hog
21, 3rd Floor,
Jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Call for reservation at 03- 7865 9239

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