Crab Factory: Original Louisiana Boil @ SS2, PJ

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Fans of seafood and crab will definitely go wild in this place, ready to get tempted with a variety of fresh seafood offered here such as crabs, prawns, yabbies, mussles, baby octopus, scallops… in the Cajun flavour.


Crab Factory: Original Louisiana Boil

Nestled in the busy food hub of SS2, this is where you can experience your favourite seafood made in a different kind of cooking method; way much different from our Chinese style cooking method like Kam Heong, Steamed or Buttery Crab.


Crab Factory is inspired by an adventurous journey in the State where the owners experience the melting pot of Louisiana culture. They were immediately hooked up with the backyard Crab Boil and decided to introduce the exact experience to the Malaysians. Aside from the aromatic blends of seasonings and spices, the additional ingredients such as corn, potatoes, sausages, enoki mushrooms bring the seafood pot to another tantalizing level.



Another interesting point dining in here is… the bucket of seafood is served with NO utensils given to the patrons. You can choose to eat the seafood directly from the bags or mess up the table by pouring the seafood out on the “plate”. Yes, you need your bare hands as your cutlery and the table as your plate.


Firstly, pick the seafood of your choice.
They offer king crab, lobsters, slipper lobsters, freshwater prawns, yavvies, scallops, mussles, prawns, crabs, Japanese snail, baby octopus..

Next, choose the sauce of your choice
Zesty lemon, garlic butter, Jamba-Jamba (which is tomato based) and signature Southern Bang. You can tone up the spiciness level for Jamba-Jamba and the signature Southern Bang.

Lastly, add in 2 free bag buddies from
Choice 1: potatoes (Rm 7.9) or Corn (Rm 4.9); and
Choice 2: Chicken sausages (Rm 5.9), Enoki mshrooms (Rm 7.9), King mushrooms (Rm 8.9) or button mushrooms (Rm 8.9)


That night, we were lucky to have the Brown Crab flown in from France. This monster is really huge!!! Larger than my palm, and my face too.




We had some sides before going to the mains.
Gumbo (Rm 14.9)
The Southern heart-warming soup that is made of seafood and rice. It was pretty rich and creamy. Don’t be so greedy having it all by you as it was quite a filling one. Please spare more stomach capacity for the fresh seafood.


Mussels in Zesty Lemon Sauce; served with sausages and mushroom king.
Hmmm, I think I prefer richly flavoured mussels in tangy and spicy taste. Hehe.


Baby Octopus in Garlic Butter; served with potatoes and button mushrooms. My favourite as I don’t need extra hands work to peel the shell and skin. Love the fresh baby octopus in its original flavour; coated with a garlic-ky buttery sauce. Potatoes in this bag are pretty something too!


Hush Puppies (Rm 9.9)
The homemade golden fried oatmeal balls which serve as secret weapon to soak up the essence and sauces of the seafood bags. The oatmeal ball itself was fragrant and addictive; after soaking up the broth/sauce, it was sweetened with essence from the sea and the spice from Jamba-Jamba style or Southern Bang.



Cooked giant Brown Crab in Jamba-jamba style; served with corn and enoki mushrooms.


The crab was very fresh and meaty, coated only in the mild spiciness; but to me, it was quite a spicy one. Well you can always tone the level of the spiciness. Always love the sides that were filled inside the bags. The corn and enoki mushroom has got all the essence soaked up.



Spanner Crab in Signature Southern Bang; served with enoki mushrooms. Pretty in red; a newly added item into the seafood family of theirs.


The true face of the Spanner Crab.


Sri Lankan Crab in Signature Southern Bang
And just look at the mess we did. LOL.


Yabbies in Garlic Butter

It was a new experience to me where I get to savour the Cajun spices and flavours with the seafood. Not the first time I am eating with this “hands and table” dining concept but things get messier dining in here than the earlier one. Good thing was, the diners are concentrate having their meals and savour the fresh seafood than running through the mobile/smart phone. Tastewise, the Cajun flavours were good. However, I still find myself fancy lighter flavours like garlic butter and zesty lemon sauce where I could taste the natural flavours of the ocean in my seafood.



Best companions for the night besides yummy buckets of seafood?! That are surely good friends and beers!

Crab Factory : Original Louisiana Boil
21, Jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya
located Opposite McDonalds, just below Professor Uniform
Tel: +603-7865 5850
Business hours:
Tues-Thurs: 3pm to 11pm
Fri-Sun: 11am to 11pm
Closed on Mondays.

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