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Petite Millie, sister of the Millesime;
Is a casual dining place serves Modern European cuisine at the affordable price with larger portion on the food.


Minimal decorated interior, with chalkboard flashing the daily specials;


Housed an open kitchen too, where you could observe how serious the team is in preparing your orders.


Latte (Rm 11)


Leprechaun’s Brew (Rm 14)
Mocha and Irish cream flavour. Rich and creamy milkshake.


Citrus Circuit (Rm 14)
Lemon and honey; velvety rich and refreshing one!


Juicy Dreams (Rm 14)
Strawberry, melon and lychee


Roasted Leek & Potato veloute (Rm 12.50)
Thick broth cooked with Leek, potatoes, chives, ricotta smoked fish tartare and avocado oil. Very flavourful soup for the start and best to go with some breads


“Tarte Flambee”
Do try out their very unique thin dough that covered with crème fraiche and delectable toppings. The crispiness texture of the thin base pastry was simply addictive. I couldn’t help myself munching them. Nom nom nom…

Iberian Beef Cecina (Rm 19.50)
Topped with slices of air dried beef loin and capsicum concasee.


Avocado and Crab … c’est une bonne vie! (Rm 19.50)
With fragrant thyme, lemon oil, chive, crab meat salad with avocado. I heart this most! Love the tangy flavour from the whole combination; as refreshing as the Summer!


In the Name of Charcuterie (Rm 22.50)
This is Petite Millie Signature “Tarting” Sandwich; with country bread topped with Chicken Pastrami, Lyonner Peppercorn, and Beef Pepperoni with Pickles on a bed of lettuce and smoked salmon slices.



And yes, served alongside with the “fries”… the very healthy version of fries which was made from the crispy edge of Tarte Flambee. Simply addictive one. So, say no to those packet deep fried chips!


We then continue with…
“Poutine” An idea from their Quebec Connection
French Canadian dish of French fries, which is also a fast food dish that originated from Quebec. Drenched with brown gravy and cheese curds; additional ingredients can be added into it.


Poutine Cheek… and its deadly (Rm 26)
6 hours braised beef cheek, freshly ground pepper and truffle oil.
If you are a frequent follower of my blog, you must have known I don’t take beef… ermmm, not for that day. OMG… I wanted to cry (I am not exaggerating!!!). The beef cheek was soooo tender and soft, melted just right on my tongue. It was heavenly good!


Millie’s Poutinerie (Rm 22.50)
Piquant lamb merquez sausage, goat cheese and fresh celery.


Mix them up and enjoy! Love the cheesy and lamb-y combination as a whole. Come here to Petite Millie, must order their Poutine!


Emilia’s Tagliatelle al Duck Rage (Rm 28.50)
Two duck preparation, tossed with pesto and oregano sprinkled with bread crumbs. Rosy pink duck meat on the al dente-prepared pasta.



White Truffle Oil Fish Pie (Rm 36.50)
The magnificent white truffle oil baked fish pie with Shiitake mushroom is another signature of Petite Millie’s. Fluffly buttery pastry puff to go with the creamy fish.


County Side Hill’s Lamb Cutlets (Rm 45)
Char broiled trio of cutlets with aubergine & lentil mash, an adaption from Millesime. The lamb cutlets were tender and juicy! All of us heart the way they were being cooked and dished up with the lentil mash.


Move on to the sweet endings? Millie Mascarpone (Rm 16)
Creamy Italian style soft cheese with Manfredi coffee soaked sponge fingers. An irresistible sweet ending; lady fingers were touched up with strong coffee, layered with creamy cheese and dusted with quality cocoa powder and finally beautified with seasonal fruits. Mmm…


Warm Dino’s Granny Smith Apple Crumble (Rm 16.90)
Warm Apple crumble with a scoop of ice cream.


Cinnamon Crusty Napolean (Rm 14.50)
With puff pastries layered with mango sherbets and served with seasonal fruits and berries.
A little bit sweet to me but overall it was good.

good lunch menu

Petite Millie is currently having Good Lunch Menu during the weekdays from 12pm to 2pm (exclude public holiday). Just pick any tartine or poutine, you could get a complementary soup or appetizer or dessert and an ice lemon tea.


They have Tea too! *wink*


Good Food, Good Company

Special thanks to Petite Millie for a wonderful evening

Petite Millie
Lot G146, Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel No : +6 03 – 7732 0395
Email :
Facebook page:

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