Gold Bar @ Tropicana Avenue, PJ

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The place that sells gold???
Ahhh, well… close to… Not gold but something in golden colour.


Gold Bar

A new neighbourhood bar that stood along Tropicana Avenue, just right opposite Casa Tropicana; serving hearty meals, porky delights and the cheerful boozes, to go along with your gathering, meet up and gossip sessions.


If you are a beer lover, you definitely will find this place a heaven because Gold Bar offers 20 types of craft beer from Austria and Germany. They are the sole distributor in Malaysia; you won’t be able to find them elsewhere, yet.



Craft beers are beers brewed in small, independent and traditional breweries. Gold Bar features the beers from small, family owned breweries, produced using the traditional brewing methods that coupled with modern innovation.


I find they have very interesting beer over here. Words really can’t describe how they are, but you should come round and taste them. Of course, Gold Bar serves more than beer; they have wine and some other interesting beverages too.


We were greeted with Beer Float which was so yum!


Draught Beer (from left to right: 1 to 5)
1. HB Dunkel (Dark Lager)
2. Pale Ale
3. Goldie (Lager)
4. Nicobar IPA
5. HB Wheat Beer


Wieninger Holla
Ladies will definitely love this. So am I!
It was a refreshing and aromatic beer, with white elder flower scent running around the oral cavity with just a sip and the sweetness of the beer stay in. Very sweet and fragrant I love.


Papagena Pure Organic Cider


Imported craft beer; with the highest alcohol content 9% – Horny Betty
Also, they have this non-alcohol beer which is kids friendly.


Their House Wine from France: all at RM85 per bottle
Bordeaux Mademoiselle Comedie (Red)
Bordeaux Mademoiselle Comedie (White)
Bordeaux Mademoiselle Comedie (Rose)


French Sparkling Wines


Not only beer and wine, they have Nitrocoffee (Rm 10) which is the smoothest and creamiest coffee with the caffeinated beverage infused with nitrogen. Btw, it has the look same like the draught Guinness with a layer of creamy foam.


Miso-Hungry (Rm 22)
Salad with Portobello, aubergine, tomato, zucchini; served warm with balsamic reduction. Give me anything with zucchini, my all-time favourite.


Golden Siew Yoke (Rm 28)
What’s the beer’s best friend??? Definitely this one.
The crackling crispiness was nowhere but it was very well flavoured.


Hand Cut Truffle Fries (Rm 16)
Cheddar beer sauce and homemade tomato sauce. I find it was slightly over fried as it was dark. Will be delighted if more they were infused with more truffle oil.


Banana Bacon Blanket (rm 20 – 6 pcs)
Banana with bacon, the perfect sweet and savoury combo!


Stuffed Portobello Mushroom (rm 20 – 4 pcs)
This was such a great combo! It was nutty and cheesy in the earthy Portobello mushroom. Gonna try to mimic this when there is party at home in the future.


Coconut Seafood Soup (Rm 28)
Fresh basil cooked with prawns, blue mussels and squid. A very Thai-inspired dish that will get your tongue and tummy’s attention, rich and flavourful.


Braised Pork Belly (Rm 29)
Don’t judge a book by its cover. The pork belly seems dark but it was pretty delicious. Braised for 6 hours and it was laden with melt in mouth texture and the fatty layer just sink in between teeth.


Brioche Beef Stew (Rm 30)
Australian brisket cooked in dark beer and malt vinegar, served in thick toasted brioche.
The brioche was garlicy and buttery; soaked up the thick gravy from the stew and paired with the tender brisket that was flavoured with beer. Yum!


Pink Salmon (Rm 30)
Done with sous vide method and served with mash, steamed vegetables and chilli oil.
I still prefer my salmon pan fried or bake; with its crispy fragrant salmon skin attached and locked up the omega 3 within the meat.


Chicken Coq Au Vin (Rm 28)
Pasture raised chicken from Raub Pahang slow cooked in beer, served on mash. A comfort dish.



Half Baked Chocolate (Rm 18)
Always say yes to sweet ending. The molten lava chocolate cake was moist and spongy, rich in chocolaty flavour; served warm with a huge scoop of chilling vanilla ice cream. Perfect.


Gold Bar
Tropicana Avenue,
Petaling Jaya
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 11am till 12am
Sat, Sun: 11am – 1am

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