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Literally means little pig in Spanish; is an Iberico pork specialist that is located in Puchong Jaya, a busy hub that is filled with kopitiams and restaurants.


Once entered into the restaurant, you will be greeted with a casual yet elegant ambiance with a clean and contemporary setting. The long table bar with the rows of wines and liqueur at the back features a very posh looking backdrop; furnished with wooden tables and leather seats on the ground. Surely you will think it will be another expensive place. But I can assure you not, because the dishes here are priced affordable, given the quality of the ingredients they serve. The porky dishes here are indeed awesome. Besides the classic iberico pork fares, there are some dishes are specially crafted by Chef Yew and the young and fresh team, added in creativity and innovation, presented on the dining tables for the patrons.


We had refreshing mocktails to start. The mocktails they made are pretty unique. The Fiery Float was special with a finishing spiciness hint while the other 3 were very refreshing, citrusy and great to pair with the pork dishes served later on


Cucumber Lemonade (Rm 15)
Cucumber, ratcho lemon, mint leaves and soda water


Kiwi Mojiteh (Rm 15)
Kiwi fruit mix, wild mint syrup, lime, English breakfast tea and soda water


Yuzu Passion Fruit (Rm 15)
Yuzu fruit mix, passion fruit syrup, soda water and lime wedges


Fiery Float (Rm 15)
Pineapple juice, banana, lemon juice, ginger syrup, tabasco and vanilla ice cream

And now let the pork feast begin and allow the Iberico pork specialist works out the best for you.


Wild Mushroom Cappuccino (Rm 15)
Layered with earthy flavour, creamy touch on the lips, and filled with truffle tea foam. Give a stir to mix every layer up for a balance of its smoothness in the soup. So fragrant we love.


Char Grilled King Oyster Mushroom (Rm 15)
The king oyster mushrooms were char-grilled to a fragrant note and planted on a tiny bed of cocoa soil for an extra texture. It was very tasty, am wondering how they are able to transform the mushroom into this flavourful one?!


Chef’s Special (Rm 35)
3 types of chef’s recommendations in a platter which include harissa-spiced chicken skewers, house marinated Japanese baby octopus and sautéed chorizo slices.




Iberico Sticks (Rm 30)
Ehhh, how comes the real thing doesn’t fit the name?!
Well, this iberico pork dish was used to be like satay stick. But it was a mess picking up the bits and pieces of salsa dressing with the satay. So, they have now transformed it to mouthful serving. Small chunks of iberico pork was place in the mini cup that was made with dumpling skin, topped with sweet and appetizing salsa dressing, the whole combination was superb and layered with textures.




Cerdito Special (Rm 45)
Iberico loin ribs served with white rice.
This is a very unique dish which has incorporated the Chinese cooking method into it. . If you don’t fancy western flavour, opt for this. The iberico loin ribs were braised over a long 4 hours in the flavourful broth, added in the Chinese cabbage for the natural sweetness to the broth. Much like bah kut teh, I feel. And it gave an easy to fall off from bone smoothness.


Iberico Grilled Short Rack (Rm 70)
This is probably the most expensive dish in the menu and I find it really worth for the price. Served with grilled pumpkin and baba ganoush; the meat was dosed with pinkish hues, tender, extra succulent and packed with mega flavours. The sides were made right too. And that baba ganoush to go with the pork slices was pretty amazing; grilled eggplant mixed with seasonings and fragrant white sesame. Honestly, I was very impressed with this dish, the meat just sink right in between teeth and the fragrant taste lingered long enough round the oral cavity.



Iberico Loin Ribs (Rm 40 for one)
Gloved up and start digging! The loin ribs were beautifully glazed, sticky and glossy. Not only the look, but it tasted great too, easily pull off from bone; simply lip smacking good! They have larger portion for sharing, priced at Rm 110 for that sharing slab.




Iberico Black Pig Burger (Rm 45)
That glossy, sinful, fatty-licious pork belly, stood high on the fluffy bun. Those transparent melt-in-mouth layers were my kind of thing. It melted right on the palate and burst with flavours. served with steak fries and tomato chutney. If you were afraid of the artery clotting star, just share it with your friends and eat first and think later larrr!




Iberico Pulled-Pork Sandwich (Rm 45)
Flavourful pulled pork, mountain up on the Man Tou buns, laced with julianne cucumbers, topped with ebikko row and served with crispy onion rings. We still couldn’t stop nibbling this even though our stomachs were stuffed! Every strand of pulled pork was very well season, absorb the flavours it needed during cooking, bag with juicy you will get addicted to it.



Pig Benedict (Rm 20)
They serve typical brunch plates here. We sampled the pig benedict which is highly recommended by the chef and ordered most at brunch. Poached eggs, bacons, fluffy buns and dosed with a heap of creamy Hollandaise sauce. You won’t go wrong order this at brunch.



Remember to save some space for their homemade dessert! Belgium Dark Chocolate Semi-Fredo (Rm 18) is a must! The semi frozen mousse, lined with texture in between whipped cream and ice cream. Creamy but will never melt into a pool of liquid; rich with chocolaty flavour and hinted with slight bitter taste.



Homemade Lemon Tart (Rm 18)
Present in the shot glass was the citrusy sourish creamy and tangy lemon curd, topped with butter crumb, cocoa soil and pumpkin seed respectively. On the side was a scoop of homemade savoury shallot ice cream which was another uniqueness in this restaurant that you should order to try.


Tiramisu (Rm 19)
Mascarpone cheese, coffee soil, kahlua (coffee flavoured liqueur)


Cerdito, a great place for porky fare and they serve pretty affordable lunch set too. Will definitely give another visit again!

Cerdito Restaurant
G-11, Kompleks Kenari,
Jalan Kenari 19A
Puchong, Selangor
Tel: +603 8082 7118
Opening Hours:
Tues to Thurs | 12pm till 10pm
Fri & Sat | 12pm till 11pm
Sun | 12pm till 10.30pm
closed on mondays

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