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Café hopping, it has been a while; because there are countless of them out there to try out. Most of the café nowadays are very instagrammable, decorated prettily and every corner has got something to shout out about. Food wise, they will have something special in their menu, something that catches people’s heart to visit them.


Ground Eatery

Is famous for their gai dan zai or the HK eggette, and twisted them to a very pretty way. Of course, besides that yummy and very instagrammable eggette, they have many other dishes and beverages that are worth trying out.


High ceiling with touches of green and floral to neutralise the the semi furnished-look indoor; equipped with the ceiling to floor glass window that brings the natural light in, and that red brick wall is a perfect backdrops for any kind of photos.


Flat White (Rm 10)


Rose Espresso Latte (Rm 11)


Pineapple Cooler & Iced Cappuccino


Matcha Milk


Shroomies Salad (Rm 23)
Enoki Mushroom + button mushroom + mixed salad + egg + garlic strawberry dressing
First dish presented to us itself was already so pretty. It was a very delicious salad, with mixed green as the base and topped with the crispy fried enoki mushroom and button mushroom, drizzled with a very refreshing and special garlic strawberry dressing. Love the crispy enoki mushroom very much.



Grilled Australian Lamb Shoulder with Homemade Peanut Sauce (Rm 32)
Australian lamb shoulder + gua bao + homemade peanut sauce.
The tender lamb was surprisingly compatible very well with their special peanut sauce. Just can’t imagine, having peanut flavour on the lamb.



Signature Dino Eggs (Rm 22)
Runny eggs wrapped with minced meat + mixed salad
After lots of efforts in R&D-ing this item, there born the beautiful scotch eggs. Ground Eatery’s version was a perfect one with even distribution of the minced meat surrounded the egg, and yolk was appeared runny on the center, prettily dashed with some herbs and spices.



Char Siew Pizza (Rm 23)
Roasted char siew + cod fish roe sauce + onion + seaweed + mozzarella cheese.
I first came across char siew pizza from here, and here is my second find for char siew pizza. The dough was thin and baked to fragrant char edges while the caramelized char siew gave the sweet and savoury flavour to the pizza. Dosed with seaweed and fish roe sauce, it was pretty Malaysian-Japanese fused pizza.



Kimchi Bacon Pasta (Rm 20)
Kimchi + bacon + chili flakes + pasta
Never know that kimchi pairs well in Italian dish too. The kimchi was less pungent as they are using the Japanese method. Stirring up well with the fragrant bacon and chilli flakes, that spicy, fragrant, buttery flavour was addictive.


Gyoza Pasta
Pan fried gyoza + pasta + crispy shredded ginger + light tomato broth
A Japanese inspired pasta with juicy gyoza and the shredded ginger spiced up the pasta!



The Hulk (Rm 28)
Made up of pork patties + fried buttermilk chicken strips + onion rings + tomato + cheddar cheese + bacon + brioche and served with fries. It was such a huge and tall burger and therefore, it has the name. The pork patties were juicy and topped with various ingredients. At first I thought the fried buttermilk chicken strips were sandwiched in between the burger, but they weren’t. wonder how it goes if everything sandwiched between the brioche buns?!


The Hot Chick (Rm 24)
Spiced chicken thigh + grilled brinjal + cucumber relish + sunny side up + caramelised onion + brioche + sriracha sauce + fries
If you fancy something more Asian local flavour, try this out! Yep, it was sloppy and messy, packed with tender and well-marinated chicken thighs, sweet caramelized onions and the sourish cucumber relish and spicy sauce. This burger was bursted with sweet sour spicy flavours! Syringed the sauce down all the way to create more messiness before enjoying.


Gai Dan Zai (eggette) is one of the must eat when in HK. So happy to have them in Malaysia now. In Ground Eatery, they have their eggettes paired with ice cream and plating them beautifully which are very instagrammable yet yummy too.


Flossy Berries HK Eggettes (Rm 19)
Cornflakes + chicken floss + roasted white chocolate lavender artisan ice cream + berries compote
Blended with condiments come from various type of texture, mellow and rich ice cream, flossy chicken floss, crunchy cornflakes, and sourish berry compote; it was an exciting journey going around with all these textures. I fancy their roasted white chocolate lavender artisan ice cream very much, softly hinted with lavender, not overpowering. Didn’t know lavender and white chocolate are this compatible.



Jack The Baba HK Eggettes (Rm 20)
Jackfruit + toasted coconut + toasted peanuts + coconut artisan ice cream + salted gula Melaka caramel sauce.
A tropical version of eggettes that came refreshingly, as though you were sitting by the beach.


Ground Eatery
Tower 4 & 5 PFCC,
Jalan Puteri 1/2,
47100 Puchong New Village,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +6012 751 1963
Opening Hours:
Opens daily | 12pm to 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Kitchen close at 3pm to 6pm & 10pm

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