Aria Italian Dining @ Bukit Damansara, KL

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It’s the Father’s day this week/month, wishing all the fathers Happy Father’s Day! So, how do you celebrate this special day/month with your dad??? I have done mine last weekend, in order to avoid the crowds. There was I, out with the family to this casual yet stylish Italian restaurant for the family night.


Hidden in the heart of Bukit Damansara, there is this cosy neighbourhood restaurant that is catered for family and friends’ crowds; serving authentic Italian food. My first impression for this restaurant, expensive looking! But then, I find that the price is quite affordable after reading the menu. 

There is an array of whiskeys on the shelf, spotted few of my favourites. If you were in the mood for a drink, you could always head upstairs, to The Whiskey Bar and enjoy a shot or two.


Complementary bread


Grilled Portobello Mushroom (Rm 16)
Portobello mushroom, melted mozzarella, mesclun salad and parmesan cheese


Seafood Salad (Rm 28) with a very appetizing mustard dressing



Hawaiian Pizza (Rm 22)
The authentic Hawaiian recipe – The thin crust Italian pizza with ingredients such as turkey ham, pineapple, mozzarella and oregano, topped with house-made margarita sauce.


Special from the chef Tonnarelli di Aria (Rm 50 for 2 pax)
Mix of this special Black spaghetti with the white ones; brimmed with ingredients such as giant scallop meat, tiger prawn, mussels, mushroom, and cherry tomato in a light tomato sauce and finally topped with rocket salad.


Smoked Duck Pizza (Rm 28) was our favourite of the night! Very cheesy crispy crust pizza and flavoured with the smoked duck slices.


Invotini Pollo (Rm 33)
Grilled chicken breast stuffed with turkey ham and mozzarella cheese and served with shallot gravy.


Lamb Shank (Rm 46)
Braised lamb shank with mashed potatoes and vegetables


Classic Tiramisu (Rm 16)


Chocolate Volcano (Rm 14); with the chocolaty gooey volcano mud


Aria Italian Dining
44G, Plaza Damansara,
alan Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-2095 0016
Operation Hours ::
Mon – Fri : 12pm to 12am (Kitchen last call @ 10.30PM)
Sat : 5pm til late (Kitchen last call @ 10.30PM)

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