BlackBall Taiwanese Tea & Dessert

  • Sumo

I am craving for…

A bowl of cold and icy desserts!!! That’s it; Taiwanese desserts are the one that appeared in my mind.


Black Ball’s Signature (Rm 6.90)
The combination of grass jelly, yam ball, taro Q, pearl and red bean on a bed of grass jelly ice; the perfect cooling agent for the hot and warm day. I love their yam ball and taro Q, which are more flavourful as compared to the others.


Black Ball’s Signature in Hot


“BOBA” Milk Tea (Rm 5.90)
Not my type of milk tea as there is better one out there.


‘Jiu Fen’ Yam Ball Crushed Ice (Rm 6.90)
Looks like ice kacang eh, except with Taiwanese liew (ingredients) in it. I like the taro balls and the mung beans and all, but not the crushed ice as the ice was coarser.

I believe everyone has got their own version of chilling agents. What’s yours???

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