Opus Bistro @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

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Okay, I have to admit, I am quite into bulk buying deals lately, who doesn’t???
This is a good way to try out new food/places without burning your pocket a big hole. 
And it is also another ideal way to get you friends out after the long day works, chill together before calling it a day. 


I went twice, to opus with Citygal and Chris&Christine; and a friend. Therefore, I am going to summarize up both my visits here. 


Complimentary warm bread with olive oil and vinegar. 


House wine


Creme of mushroom soup


Opus Mixed Salad
Delightful mixture of lettuces, tomatoes, potatoes, capsicums, olives, quail eggs and feta cheese. I would prefer the salad came wet in dressing.


Angel Hair Pasta with Capsicums and Pine Nuts in Chardonnay Sauce
With a light hint of spiciness, fragrant with pine nuts and soaked in the sauce. I like my pasta this way. 


Spaghetti Alla Opus
Opus’s signature pasta; came loaded with lots of friends from the sea – prawn, squids, clams, and mussels, and then touched with salt and herbs to bring out the freshness from the sea. 


Squid Ink Pasta
This was good but gals, don’t order this when you are here dining with your date; as the ink will stick onto your teeth and darken your tongue.


Spaghetti Carbonara was creamy but the taste was not a memorable one. 


Linguini Aglio Olio Smoked Duck
Loaded with smoke duck slices which were very tender and intense with smokey flavour; paired well with the aglio olio but it was way tooooo salty to my liking. 


Little potato dumplings drenched in pasta sauce. Definitely not the best one I have tried. The gnocchi was kind of too soft and mushy. I prefer gnocchi to be chewy and fluffy and flavourful. 


Creme Brulee


Chocolate Desire
Skip the creme brulee and go for chocolate desire instead. 


Just crack through the just baked chocolate cake and allow the gooey hot lava to leak out. We enjoyed digging in the gooey-licious hot chocolate cake with cold vanilla ice cream. Chris said it was sweet to his liking; nahhh, i would say, this is girls’ favourite.

Opus Bistro serves quite an extensive Italian cuisine. It is a great place for a romantic dining; dim-ly lit, quiet with soft music and comfy. A great place to charm your date.

Opus Bistro
67, Jalan Bangkung, 
Bukit Bandaraya,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2092 4288
Business Hours: 
Mon – Sun: 12pm – 3pm; 6pm – 12am

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11 thoughts on “Opus Bistro @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar”

  • Wow, the chocolate desire looks really good, can see the chocolate oozing out of the cake. Ah, I also wanna join you guys!!

  • I wanted to buy but Rachel wants me to diet. So never had a chance to get one yet.

    I wanted to bring Rachel for holiday but reject also.



  • wilson ng,
    o_O why wor?!
    maybe rachel wan to save up all these little little thing and one shot buy something big or travel further??? hehe

  • Yeah … the coupons craze. I bought some but until today, there are still a few stashed somewhere. Dunno when to use.

  • james,
    wow, you sounds busy eh.
    you should just grab your friends, make the appointment and mark on the calender and go for the deal (you have bought).

    the chocolate desire was a good one. can't go wrong with that. but not the creme brulee *frown*
    price wise, hmmm, you can check the menu from their page 🙂

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