La Risata @ Persiaran Ampang, KL

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La Risata; located in the Ampang neighbourhood, is a restaurant that served authentic Italian cuisine. 


Dolce Vita (RM 19)
Illyquore, vanilla ice cream and dark rum


White bread with homemade olive sauce. The sauce is overloaded with healthy olive.


Antipasti Misti (RM 42)
The platter consists of grilled mushrooms, deep fried calamari rings, beef carpaccio, garlic crostini and chicken liver pate.


The pate was something addictive, velvetly smooth and flavourful. 


Insalata Dea / Goddess Salad (RM 22)
Lots or greens topped with slices of grilled chicken, croutons and creamy herbs dressing. However, the grilled chicken was a lil too dry to my liking. 


Zuppa di Pesce (RM 38 for half; RM 62 for whole)
Thick tomato soup that was not overly sour; and there were lots of prawns, squids, mussels, clams and fish swimming in this tomato sea. If you love seafood, this is the must to order. 


Here came the wood-fired oven baked pizza 
Pizza Carbonara (RM 28) was something new to me as I usually had only pasta carbonara. 
The pizza topped with beef bacon, mushrooms, and mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Thin crispy crust with charred edge. I know I am odd, but I really love the charred / burnt parts.


Pizza D’ Anatra (RM 26)
Topped with smoked duck, rocket leaves, anchovy and mozzarella cheese


Gnocchi Ai Gamberi (RM 22)
Little potato dumplings and prawns sauteed in herb butter.
This was something I loved besides their pizza. These cute mini potato balls were really flavourful, chewy and fluffy inside encased by the crispy skin! Yummy!!! I really love this gnocchi! 


Spagherri Alla Risata (RM 35) was served piping hot in aluminium foil
Special, isn’t it?! 


Stinco D’ Agnello
Ahha, that’s the wood fired oven braised lamb shank and drenched with fragrant rosemary sauce and served on a bed of mashed potato.


Zucotto (RM 18)
Liquor dome cake filled with chocolate and vanilla cream with almond, hazelnut and chocolate bits.


Tiramisu (RM 16)
Layers of savoiadi biscuits soaked in espresso and filled with Italian mascarpone cheese.


Crema Catalane Mapoletana (RM 16)
Trio of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry creme brulee were served warm and the caramelized sugar was perfectly done. Hmmm, the strawberry flavour left me an artificial taste, still love my creme brulee in original version 🙂


Panna Cotta (RM 12)
I never like panna cotta because those I had previously was kind of jelly-liked. La Risata’s panna cotta has changed my impression towards panna cotta. It was silky smooth cream-mousse pudding that loaded with caramel sauce. 


I feel La Risata is a family-dining-out place; with everyone sitting at the huge square tables (just like what we can see from the photo); very well furnished and decorated to create a warmth feeling for family members to get-together. And of course, this is also another great place to chill out with the friends 🙂

Special thanks to Mr. Azaiiman for warmth invitation and Angeline for this lovely arrangement in the evening.

La Risata
16, Persiaran Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4252 6369
Fax: 03-4257 9503

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5 thoughts on “La Risata @ Persiaran Ampang, KL”

  • Ai Wei,

    The ambiance of the shop is really great! And I love all the food so much, especially the Zucotto.. Seems to be very delicious 🙂

    By the way, how's life?

  • WyYv,
    you guys tried before?!
    Zucotto is nice, but trust me, try their panna cotta. it's something really good!!!

  • Ai Wei,

    Sorry for the misleading sentence. We actually meant that we love the food so much as they look so nice in the photos you took 🙂

    The Zucotto attracted our attention too. Oh? Panna Cotta is a must try eh? We'll try to dine in at this place if got time, thanks for the review 😀

  • Wow, would love to try their panna cotta and oven baked pizzas, they look really good from the photos. Environment of the restaurant looks nice too!

    Aaaahh, you're making me hungry!

  • WyYv,
    heh, no worry 🙂
    perhaps you guys anniversary, can do a meal here

    eat only lar!
    see, now i recommend you a good place for you both to try out 😛
    faster come back!

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