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I made sushi rolls and temaki, sometimes, for my family. However, those I made were not up to the standard and not as pretty as those from the restaurant (but still edible).

nikko japanese6

These are the best looking one i have made. The others were either too much rice or the fillings/ingredients were squeezed out.


Many Thanks to the team from Nikko Hotel KL; for giving me an opportunity to attend this cooking and demo session conducted by Chef Tetsuya Yanagida.

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Chef Yanagida is a creative chef who is good in fusion both Western and Asian ingredients and spices alongside a myriad of traditional Japanese cooking elements, in creating a creative new menu features an excelllent selection of extraordinary creations that bound to convert even the most reluctant guests into fanatics of Japanese cuisine.  

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He demonstrated the ways to make pretty and easy sushi(s) such as Nigiri Sushi, Tobiko Gunnkan Nigiri, California Roll and Inari Sushi.

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nikko japanese1

(hand model: Citygal)
I too, had the hands-on experience in making sushi 🙂


After the lecture by Chef Tetsuya Yanagida, I managed to come out with some pretty looking nigiri sushi. 🙂


On the night, we had a chance to try out the fusion dishes from Benkay Japanese Restaurant. Ahhhh, Japanese fusion dishes! How would they taste like?!


Let’s start with the starter – 
Thin Sliced Yellow Tail with Bird’s Eye Chili and Wasabi Sauce
The thin slices of yellow tail topped with the roe and fiery chili padi. Who may have thought of having japanese raw fish with bit of chili padi?! Just roll a piece up (with chili padi and roe inside), pop it into your mouth. It was real fiery hot, spicy/chili lovers will definitely love this. 


Steamed Foie Gras Egg Custard topped with Crab Meat Gravy was something smooth, silky and melt right between your tongue and hard palate. However, the taste of the foie gras was quite a mild one if to compare with crab meat gravy.


Fresh thick cuts of Assorted Sashimi(s)


Eel, Avocado, Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll with Almond Sauce. I love my sushi rolls topped with abundant of fatty Avocados.


Traditional Deep Fried Beancurd


Hot Green Tea poured over Rice in a bowl served with Deep Fried Prawn Tempura
This one looks a bit like 泡饭. I do love the combination of green tea with fluffy Japanese rice.


Of course, there must be at least a dessert to end my meal 🙂
Macha Purin (Green Tea Pudding) was the one for that night. The texture was quite similar to the egg custard – wobbly, silky, soft, smooth. this pudding was even milkier and fragrant with tons of green tea.

The above are all new dishes in the a la carte menu. Love a fusion Japanese meal, do have a try here in Benkay Japanese Restaurant, Nikko Hotel KL

Benkay Japanese Restaurant
165, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2161 1111

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