Okonomiyaki お好み焼

  • Sumo

I love the dancing bonito flakes on top
I love the salty and sourish mayonnaise
I love the special sweet sauce
Okonomiyaki is something i fancy a lot.


Bonito Flakes is dancing prettily on the hot pipping okonomiyaki.

I spotted this from a Taiwanese cooking TV show; the Taiwanese cook added in a lot of chopped scallion into it. Too much scallion for me and so I altered it to my own version 🙂

Simple, easy and healthy with lots of vege added.
You will love this if you love Takoyaki

Ingredients needed:
3/4 cup of low protein flour
1/2 cup of water
1 egg
cooked ham / bacon
Lots of cabbage
Chinese Chives (optional)
Carrot (optional)
Special Sweet Unagi Sauce / okonomiyaki sauce
Japanese Mayonnaise
Bonito Flakes

Mix the flour with water until smooth.
Then added in chopped cabbage, sliced carrot, chopped Chinese chives and mix well.
Lightly stir fry the cooked ham.
add the cooked ham into the mixed vege-batter and mix well.
Crack an egg into the batter and lightly mix (do not make until very evenly)
and you can now pan-fry them in the non stick pan with little oil.
when the bottom surface turn into golden colour, flip it over to cook another side.

When it is cooked in the pan, serve on a plate.
top it with the Unagi sauce (or okonomiyaki sauce).
Finally, serve with mayo and garnish with Bonito flakes


The one with sliced carrot in it.


The one with Chinese chives in it


Final touch up with Bonito flakes.


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