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ENJU, a Japanese Restaurant which is located on the second floor of Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur is currently introducing the Ladies Set Lunchwhich is available from 1st July to 31st July. The set is priced at RM 35 ++ which comprise of Chawan Mushi, Sushi Moriawase, Gindara Teriyaki, Hiyashi Somen, Yasai Takiawase, Oshinko Moriawase, Miso Soup and fruit sorbet as dessert. All these dishes are exquisitely prepared by Chef Thomas who has 18 years of Japanese culinary skills, mastering from traditional to fusion dishes.


Thanks to BBO for the invitation. I was having a great dinner with Xin, Jessica, CK Lam, Richard, Edward, Shirley and a guy who look-so-alike-like the HK actor 😛

The environment is cozy and relaxing under the dim lit lighting.

1st round, we sampled the Ladies Set Lunch.


Deep Fried Potato, the appetizer.

Sushi Moriawase, the assorted handmade sushi with sushi rolls.

Gindara Teriyaki, the Alaskan black cod grilled with teriyaki sauce and served with fresh salad

Hiyashi Somen, the chilled white thin noodles topped with fish cake, cucumber, tempura flakes, mushrooms and nori served with shoyu dipping sauce.

Chawan Mushi, the steamed egg custard with gingko nuts and mushrooms.

Yasai Takewase, the seasonal vegetables and mushrooms simmered in soya sauce.

Oshinko Moriawase is the assorted pickles vegetables.

Miso Soup is the fermented soya bean soup with tofu, seaweed and chopped springs onions.

Finally, the refreshing fruit sorbet is available in 3 flavours. You can choose the apple, orange or lemon sorbet that is served on ice.

Besides the Ladies Set Lunch, ENJU is having the Kinyobi, Friday Nights Unlimited Ordering Sushi Menu which is available on every Friday. Priced at RM 65 ++ per pax. Every sushi dinner consists of miso soup or clear bonito soup, a choice of main course and dessert, and unlimited ordering of selected Nigiri, Maki and Temaki sushi (rice rolls and hand rolls).

From the main courses and desserts, each individual gets to select one of the dishes
Main courses: Shake Garlic Fried Rice, Tempura Moriawase, Tori Katsudon and Sake Shioyaki or teriyaki.
Dessert: Kudamono Moriawase Goma Tare (tropical fruits tossed with sesame peanut butter dressing), Macha (Green Tea) Ice Cream or Sorbet.

As for Nigiri, Maki and Temaki sushi, it is unlimited ordering from the menu!!!
I was told that the Friday night buffet is such a boom! It is always a full house on Friday night. If you are interested, do make reservation before heading ENJU.

2nd round, hand roll

Chef Thomas came out with a trolley full with fresh ingredients. What is he doing???

He made us fresh hand rolls!

Look, the huge hand roll was filled up with fresh ebikko, unagi…… you named it.

3rd round, Temaki

Temaki were prepared by Chef Thomas.

That was the end of the meal and we were all super full.


Level 2,
Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours:
Lunch: 12 noon to 2.30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30 pm (Monday to Friday), 6.30pm to 11 pm (Saturday)
Closed for lunch on Saturday, closed on Sundays and public holidays

For enquiries or reservation,
Please call: 03 21708888 ext. 8203
Or e-mail: restaurants@princehotelkl.com
Or log onto: http://www.princehotelkl.com/ for further information

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16 thoughts on “ENJU @ Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur”

  • I believe you are a Japanese food lover, me too, and my kids too. I saw your post about Yuzu The Garden, I went on last Sat, the foods there was very nice. And it cost me RM393 for that day dinner..have to stop for a while for Japanese food, expensive lah..

  • Sonia,
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    glad to hear you and your family love the Jap food from Yuzu.
    i love Jap food a lot. and Yuzu topped my list. Yuzu and Kampachi serve great Jap cuisine. ya, jap food from Yuzu is indeed expensive. i can afford it only once a year…

    haha, my first time on it too. cute hor? and they are refreshing!!!

  • Oooh, the second photo reminded me of something. I remembered I used to make a swan (smaller version compared to the restaurant's) when I was in secondary school. Did you do it?

    Nice photos on the food, wait for me! I'm coming back to eat all of them. Muahahaha!

  • It was truly an enjoyable night. We had so much to eat too plus the chance of tasting the fruit sorbet.

  • bangsar-Babe,
    the handrolls were great. it will be nicer if the vinegar rice is added with more vinegar.

    hahaha, no choice lor, the guys sampled ladies set as well. dunno if they were full that day. haha

    sugar bean,
    yeah… i did that too! the swan… i think we all learned to do that in our secondary years???
    LOL, you must faster learn how to use your pretty camera. learn from ys. he is your great FOC tutor. hahaha

    can't wait to see you back here.

  • BBO,
    the night was full with fun and laughter! great one and thanks a lot for the invitation!!!

    yep and they were so fresh!!!

    550ml jar of faith,
    sadly, i dun have the actor-like photos >____<

    ck lam,
    glad to have another oppoturnity of meeting you up. it was a pleasant dinner with all of you around. 🙂 hope to see you soon!

    little inbox,
    me too me too! fresh and refreshing and lovely. that is quite a new stuff to me. 🙂

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