it’s Snack time…

  • Sumo

Have you ever notice the advertisement where there are ants, hidden and shout-out of the words ‘mini’?! Finally I discovered what they are. hehehe

They are actually Munchy’s Mini, the mini crackers which now made into cute tiny bit size that come in three different flavours — peanut butter, cream cheese and chocolate cream. Priced at Rm 1.20 (I got from Watson when they were doing promotion in Sunway Pyramid) and there are 15 mini sandwich crackers.

Personally, I love the one with cream cheese a lot. Chocolate flavor not bad too. As for peanut butter flavor, haven’t tried yet. 😛

I couldn’t update my blog regularly as I am working in day and there is still another paper for me to sit for in early-mid June *faint*. Please forgive me but I will try my best to update. Hence, all these mini munchy’s would be my all time favourite tit-bits no matter in the office or revising for that paper at home. *wink*

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17 thoughts on “it’s Snack time…”

  • wah, u work and study at the same time ar? must be very tough hor? so, i guess the snacks give u some comfort lar hor? for me, it’s potato chips! love it!

  • nvrmind..snacking is good..but not healthy haha..then again..whats life all about? cannot be all the time healthy rite?

  • new kid on the blog,
    i always love Snack! Yum… do u?!

    nic (khkl),
    yeah ar… very tough. but then will try to stop working a week or 2 before my paper lor…
    i love potato chips too! but that’s really unhealthy! still, We Love Chips

    Lol, ‘d u realize those unhealthy food are all delicious?!
    snack snack here i come!

  • Munchies that come in mini size? Sure finish in one seating for me 😛 All the best for that cheeky last paper!

  • Oh, so this is the biscuit that you recommmended. Seems nice, I’ll try it out some time when I saw it in the supermarket! 🙂

  • christine,
    hmmm, then go grab from supermarket before leaving to scotland? must really have some before leaving cz they are sooo cute! haha

    thanks a lot! will do my very best! sobz

    ya, it’s about the size of our 20sen coin. but much thicker than that ar.

    thanks thanks. aiks… can’t really enjoy my time from now cz i have yet to start revising! sobz

    haha, do try a hand and hope you like it.

    you both should try it. they are really cute. i should have buy more cz i can’t find it in supermarket nearby. maybe these are still new ba…

  • kampungboycitygal,
    hahaha, i get what you meant. Lol, Lol…

    apple teo,
    hi, thanks for dropping by. i like your blog too. simple and sweet.

    precious pea,
    AGREE AGREE! mini stuff often dangerous. over indulge is one thing but over eating is another serious thing!!!

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