Pasta Zanmai パスタ三昧 @ 1 Utama

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It was when our beloved Khee once came back; we (Christine and I) soon dragged her out for a-welcome-back-meal. We have read about good reviews on the newspaper and also a review from Sugar Bean, so we decided to have dinner in this Japanese and Western fusion. Besides, Pasta Zanmai is another restaurant under the umbrella of Rakuzen. Wow, they are doing really Great business!

Pasta Zanmaiis actually hidden behind the Shiojikiya 正直屋. It took me some times to figure out the entrance to Pasta Zanmai (>.


The open-view kitchen

Once seated, I was hooked up on this…

The dessert’s menu. Who can resist desserts?! I then suggested for a dessert for the after dinner. But both of them just kept reading over the main courses menu. No one answered my questions. Well, can’t blame them actually as they both were starving. hehe

The menu was colorful and we did not know where and which to choose from. There were a wide range of yummy-looking-dishes from appetizers to pasta to pizza.

First time trying out the fusion Japanese pasta with chopstick for pasta!

For appetizer, we had the Chuka Iidako 中華イイダコ. The baby octopuses were large and well seasoned with their very Japanese way.

Agedashi tofu 揚げ出し豆腐 was the fried beancurd with Japanese sauce. The tofu are Soft and silky with their very Japanese sauce as well.

On main course, we had this Ebi Tempura no Gomadare Shitate set to share with. It came with the main and a garden salad and a miso soup. Ebi Tempura no Gomadare Shitate エビ天ぷらの胡麻ダレ仕立て was the prawn tempura Pasta topped with Sesame Sauce and sprinkled with black sesame. Tell you what, that was the very sesame-sauce I have been looking for for a long time. That was the very sesame-sauce, the taste, the texture I had during my 20-days-ShenZhen-food-hunting vacation 2 years back! And now, I found it in KL. Hohohoho… it was very aromatic and went well with the pasta. Overall, perfect! ~ But the serving was not large, just okay for an individual’s stomach or a lady’s stomach.

The pasta got boosted up after garnishing of the black sesame into the pasta.


Also, we had Teriyaki Chicken to Onsen Tamago no Pizza 照焼チキンと温泉たまごのピザwas the grilled chicken and hot-spring egg Pizza. The thin crunchy crust topped with grilled chicken, onions, seaweed, mayonnaise, spring onions, a ‘hot-spring’ egg ( I wonder where they get the hot-spring for the egg?! Haha) and loaded with teriyaki sauce. Special e! The pizza was so Okonomiyaki-like.

Desserts always come last to end the meal. We had the Macha Cha Parfait (priced at Rm 15). It was prettily layered with Corn flakes, green tea jelly, red bean, whipped cream and scoop of very green tea tasted green tea ice cream. Every scoop on our taste buds was cloud nine to us.

Overall, the food was great, the desserts was fabulous! I’ve listed Pasta Zanmai in my re-visit list. Do look out for Shojikiya if you want to pay a visit to Pasta Zanmai. Pasta Zanmai is actually located inside the Shojikiya~

Pasta Zanmai パスタ三昧
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya

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23 thoughts on “Pasta Zanmai パスタ三昧 @ 1 Utama”

  • perhaps the wait is worthwhile as i heard of the long queues…black sesame is so aromatic and i’m sure it’ll go well with the sauce and the pasta…must wait til may..sigh…

  • hazza,
    honestly, they are really good! especially the pasta i had! ^^

    ya lor… first time too! pasta with chopsticks. kekeke

    the pizza was great for me. but some may not like it. my other friend dun like it becz of the strong soy sauce taste. but it was alright for me and christine. we love the very oriental taste of that pizza!~

    nic (khkl),
    you should try. visit there on weekdays? maybe not as many ppl as weekend.

    exam in May?! good luck n all the very best. mine… next week and last for 3 weeks. sighhh… and then only can spend time to hang out again in May too.

    ah… mayb we all can find one day n eat out?!

  • looks good..yeah man 1U can be very tricky esp finding restaurants..i can get very lost here!

  • OOOOooo the food looks good. I love Jap food and I love pasta..I definitely need to try this out. 🙂 Thanks for the review.

  • It’s also my revisit visit list. By the way, Shiojikiya will be opening in Waterfront @ Desa Park City and next to it is Rakuzen Kitchen. I think it’s a streamed down version of Rakuzen Restaurant.

  • aiya…i’m always forgot to visit Pasta Zanmai when i in One Utama..Just visit Pick & Brew on last i waiting for Sushi Zanmai open in 1Utama..hehe

  • Joe,
    ya lorrr… i lost quite some times d. even i lost when searching for my car to go home. aiks… have to open my eyes big big and memorize the way/shops/restaurant in 1 U.

    you are welcome. thanks for dropping by my blog. and do hope u like this review. the food was Great. it’s a worth to try!~

    simon seow,
    really?! opening on desa park city?! i love shojikiya a lot. full with a variety of Jap goods!

    visited Pick & Brew last Sunday? how is it? m waiting for ur review. we may going on this Saturday. still unsure yet.
    One U quite near ur working place. it won’t be a prob for u to go there ‘everyDay’. haha

    hi, thanks for dropping me comments and visiting my blog. hope u like this review.
    Ebi Tempura no Gomadare Shitate set priced at Rm 28
    Teriyaki Chicken to Onsen Tamago no Pizza priced at Rm 20.
    it’s worth to pay a visit!~ ^^

    errr… list it in ur wanna-visit-list n pay a visit soon?! it’s worth visiting~
    just can’t wait to meet up with u guys on Saturday!!! see u guys soon!

  • Again, you guys ordered a lot! Haha! We would’ve done so too if there’re many ppl around. The pizza does look a little like okonomiyaki. Can’t wait to revisit this restaurant again!

  • Again, you guys ordered a lot! Haha! We would’ve done so too if there’re many ppl around. The pizza does look a little like okonomiyaki. Can’t wait to revisit this restaurant again!

  • wenching & esiong,
    thanks for the big recommendation and the direction to the restaurant! we love this place a lot. eh, next time we can visist here together, then we can try out more of the dishes ^^

    little inbox,
    hi, thanks for dropping by~
    yes, chuka iidako are large n juicy~ go-go grab them 😛

    emm… this fusion not bad also ^^

    hmmm, go on weekdays to avoid the queue?! should pay a visit ^^

    yes dear!!! i miss the taste. thier desserts are well-presented. must have more next time but kida pricey~ can’t wait for our coming hang out. wa-hahaha~

  • looks pretty nice la. last time I went managed to browse the menu and the supermarket-like section at the entrance. We were full from Delicious. probably next time I’ll try. the pizza looks yummy!

  • i try them twice but still cant find any food with will attract me to go back to them…the food is just to fusion to me…

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