A date with Sugar Bean

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I have promised to stay away from pc.
I have promised myself not to blog for a week.
I have promised myself not even to hook on blogs just for a week.
But then again, my determination is not strong enough and I have broken my promises.

Here. me again. Blogging…

I was in stress because of the mid terms. One week 3 papers… this last for 3 weeks. Just can’t imagine when it comes to the final paper. Thanks god that the Sugar Bean dragged me out for a lunch last Saturday.

A date with Sugar Bean was a fantastic one. Honestly, I don’t mind to be their ‘light bulb’ (hope they don’t mind too! ;P) They are sweet, they are fun and they are funny couple to hang out with! Since I craved for steamboat after reading their post; they just said, okay, I will bring you to out for a nice steamboat meal.

That’s it, after my paper on last Saturday; I had a date with Sugar Bean in this Inner Mongolia Restaurant 内蒙古酒家. Little did I know that they are having buffet lunch promotion at just Rm 22.90. Where else the buffet dinner is at Rm 29.90 per pax.

Yes, another all-you-can-eat concept. I was going to eat as much as I can. That is my other way to de-stress.

There are a lot from the menu list you could choose from. Condition is that you have to finish up what you have ordered. Else, you will be charged. I guess most of the restaurant‘d implement this rule right?

The Tempting sesame sauce 芝麻酱 with fu yu腐乳to go along with your food. Their hot and sourish chilli sauce (not in the pic) may also boost up the tanginess of your food after sopping them in the sesame sauce and the chilli sauce. But then, I can’t find the taste of sesame sauce that similar to the one I have tried out in Shen Zhen, China.

蒙古拉皮 which is listed on the cold dish in the menu. This was really an appetizing yet appealing cold dish. This is one of their signature dishes in this restaurant

The ‘yuan yang guo’ 鸳鸯锅 came with the spicy and herbal soup base. The spicy soup is actually the herbal soup but it is added in with chili oil, dried chilli and extra spices to give the really numbing and spicy taste.

We had countless plates of thinned lamb slices 羊肉片 which was really good to go on with the spicy soup.

Also the thinned deer slices 鹿肉片(priced at Rm 18 per plate if ordered alone) was another good choice for the steamboat. But I prefer the lamb slices than this.

Frozen tofu 冻豆腐was much better to be in spicy soup

While Fresh tofu 鲜豆腐 was great in the herbal soup

Fresh veggie 娃娃菜

And also veggie 生菜

A must not missed out item, Enoki mushroom 金针菇! We had a few plates of this too!

Mushroom 香菇

And Seaweed 紫菜 to sweeten the herbal soup.

Burppp~ Full! We almost finished up sweeten and essence-ful herbal soup. It was a pleasant steamboat experience with Sugar Bean!

Oppsss, we ate till they were having their rest time. Lights off and not a single waiter/waitress were there!

Inner Mongolia Restaurant
290 Gground Floor
Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21449688


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27 thoughts on “A date with Sugar Bean”

  • i been here before..the “ma lat” steamboat are HOT & SPICY..i cannot tahan the spiciness..i love the Sesame sauce..good to dip with the meat 🙂

  • ekeng,
    yes, the “ma lat” steamboat is awesome! i like the spiciness and jz right to my taste buds. but then sugar bean even ‘geng’. they can drink the soup~

    thanks ya but study always stress-y

    big boys oven,
    oh, u have been there too?! i start missing the steamboat now

    slurppp! that’s my fave n i had a carnivorous meal that day…

  • date.. so short aje ke… we, readers don’t mind you explaining after dinner activities either. lol. ei~ woman, come to leisure mall n have lunch with me la.

  • Wow~ Steamboat! I just had steamboat too, and i scalded my tongue, wanting to eat too much =p
    All the best in ur midterm! Let’s jiayou together, i’m having midterm now and finals in 3 wks time. OMG…

  • jimmy tham,
    okay lar. will go look for u in leisure mall. soon, very soon! i miss the vietnamese food. so long time pay a visit d, aiks…

    u are having ur mid term now too? and final in 3 weeks time? same here! wishing u all the best in ur your papers ya~ good luck!!!

  • the soup looks so spicy it doesnt look tempting to me d..

    eh dun worry la..at least after tat u dun hav to worry anymore..i have to worry until MAY b4 my exam is over..

  • dun really fancy the spicy soup as it is added with chili oil eeeeee…. but the herbal soup sounds good.

    All the best ya ~ ^_^

  • haha, so you guys/gals had the whole place to yourselves lar…so nice!

    best of luck in your exams..mine’s in a month’s time.. :<

  • wanna try this type of steamboat so badly!! 🙂
    I had my eyes on the sesame sauce! 🙂 yummy..

  • squall,

    dislike spicy stuff?! but they are great!

    all the best in ur coming paper. my fren is having one paper in may too! (same company as urs, if not mistaken)

    chilli oil can definately increase the spiciness and it warm the soup faster on heating. just ignore the chilli oil while u are having it. they are really good! but there was a slight burning in my stomach the very first try out and soon, i m addicted!

    nic (khkl),
    urs in a month time???
    all the best and good luck.
    sigh… my final last for 3 weeks… almost a month. that’s is killing!!!

    and yep, we had the place all by ourselves.

  • durianberry,
    yayaya, hot n spicy food can always wake ones up! and our receptors (smell/taste) are really sensitive to it. slurp~

    good luck in ur exam!

    tried it before? how’d you feel bout it??? wow, seems that u have tried out really lots of places!

    kekeke, mayb we can look out for others n try?! i still find this sesame sauce not the one i really like. rmb the pasta zanmai’s spagetti?! that’s the taste i always want!

  • We had fun hanging out with you too! Really hope this can lighten up your day. No worries, exam will be over soon! Just have to concentrate and add oil now!

    So fast wrote this? I haven’t even touch on it yet!

  • We had fun hanging out with you too! Really hope this can lighten up your day. No worries, exam will be over soon! Just have to concentrate and add oil now!

    So fast wrote this? I haven’t even touch on it yet!

  • aww lovely date!! this restaurant is rox!! most of my friend been thr wif good feedback.. hope nex will be my turnnnnn~

  • no wonder , with so sweet looking food like these how not to eat how not to blog ? how not to be happy ?
    haha exams can wait

  • wenching & esiong,
    yep!!!i had fun hanging out with you guys and enjoyed the great meal. thanks for the recommendation and bringing me over e! love the lamb a lot!!!

    u have got to try it if happened to pay a visit. quite a nice one. and best to have it during rainy day!

    ya wor… that’s what wenching said. much better than the little fat lamb.

    haha, waiting for your review~

  • slowcatchupkuan,
    this was my first time in this restaurant! it was really good. but i hav only had their steamboat and a cold dish. hav not tried out their main dishes with rice before. do have a try~

    team bsg,
    hahaha, Agree agreE! good food comes first. but now cannot d lar. have to work extreme hard. exam in 13days time n i still haven’t really do revision. scary lerrr + panic

    yep, that’s the one at jalan pudu main road. pudu is such a food heaven. gonna track down more eateries over there. we should come out with a food crawl soon hor?!?! haha

  • My makan gang have been raving about this place, and yea, they went without me! I tried the ma lat in Melbourne and Hong Kong, but doubt i could tahan the one here especially with such weather. Hehe.

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