When mum is out of town 3: Steamboat

  • Sumo

What is good for a cool rainy day?! STEAMBOAT will be my answer.

Eh??? This doesn’t seem like a place for steam boat?! Having Steamboat in the world of dim sum restaurant?! Yes, that’s true! Actually this restaurant is meant for dim sum (in the morning) and steamboat at night.It is located quite a hidden place in Taman Bukit Anggerik / any Taman around there. I don’t exactly know the Taman in this area as there is a lot of Taman ‘mushrooms’ up.

Fried chicken wings as appetizer. They are well marinated. It’s so fingers licking good!

Me and 2 bros ordered a set for 2 which comprised the fish balls, dumplings, prawns, fish noodles, fried yam, crabstick, those other common ingredients for steamboat and lots of vegetables. The biggest surprise is, they serve fried yam sticks! That was my very first time having fried yam sticks in the big bowl of boiling soup. It tasted superb after soaking up the essence from the soup!



The next surprise — the soup! 猪骨汤. This is the greatest steamboat broth I ever had. Usually those we get from others are spicy tom yum soup and the slightly seasoned water as their ‘soup’. The broth which is lightly seasoned with black pepper will definitely make you to go for more! Slurp!


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10 thoughts on “When mum is out of town 3: Steamboat”

  • Oooo, make sure you bring me there when I’m back in KL ya, hehehe! Looks so delicious. Had so many nice food when your mum is not around. Haha!

  • alexander,
    when i read back, i miss it too!!! the soup is super yummy!

    ya, the ingredients are quite fresh. beside these, u can order for add ons. they have those lamb slices, pork slices, etc.

    sugar bean,
    wanna go??? they have all ur fave, those lamb slices, pork slices… they have spicy soup as well! ur fave!!!

  • lol, we meet up the same day at the same place coincidentally

    seriously i hate the pepper lol, i swear not to go there again, pepper hater here

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  • timothy,
    steamboat!!! i miss them now!

    then u should really try out and let all the food bloggers know whether it is a nice place for steam boat ^__^

    eh, the pepper soup is super good lar! you dunno how to ‘appreciate’ it. 😛

  • hahahaaaaa steamboat at the dim sum place, who would have guess that! ^_^

    the chicken wings caught my eyes!!!

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