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Khee was back to India to pursue her study. A month of her holiday has passed, it happened so fast. And before she flied back, we had a little farewell dinner together. 6 of us headed to Puchong for steamboat buffet.

Let’s shabu-shabu! After reading MeiYen’s review on this place, I am so eager to drop over for it. Well, Puchong is not my ‘territory’ and I have no idea where this restaurant located… until that day, Chris (Christine’s darling) brought us over.

Shabu-shabu restaurant is offering eat-all-you-can concept. What you have to do is to purchase a ticket for the buffet (where seating is on first floor). And for those who prefer to have a-la-carte meal, you can take a seat in the ground floor dining area.


Shabu-shabu is featured by 8tv, Ho Chak! before.


Rm 25 nett per pax
Menu. There is Lot of food where you can select from the conveyor belt.

The sauce. I have had 3 refilled plates. Definitely a good one with the combination of peanuts, vinegar, soy sauce, fried shallots, chopped spring onions… (can’t remember all)I was busy eating but I’d managed to capture some pictures. We were like playing masak-masak kept adding up vege, pumpkins, tomatoes, fish and lots of fish to make our broths tastier. Khee was the one who kept instruct me in flavouring the broth. What she added, I added them in too. *hehe*

Korean Kimchi. This can be added into the soup base to flavour it. I had 2 plates of this in my pot of soup which ended up very very hot and spicy.

Seasoned baby octopus, Fu Chok, dumplings, Chicken sausages, fried fish which were good for flavouring, fish cake, Enoki mushroom


Pork slices. Freshly in pink and I myself had 2 plates of this.


Fried yam roll. Thumb up for this! Both me and khee loved this a lot.

We also had some Fried dumplings.

The food offered is quite ordinary and that’s the conveyor belt which made this place different from the others. But of course, you can show off your culinary skill in your own pot of soup. Add up everything to make your very own broth. Another thing is that, everyone is given a pot instead of sharing which is a very hygiene idea.

Shabu-Shabu Restaurant
No. 19, Jalan Puteri 1/6,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong.
Tel: 03-80605221

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Shabu-Shabu @ Puchong”

  • we have one shabu shabu outlet in penang,but not a conveyor belt type. shall blog about it whenever i can.

  • Hmm…everybody make their own soup base. A good idea, as each one may have their own favorite. Conveyor travel the food, very convenient.

  • Hehe, it was a coincidence that we were at the same area but I was at Mizi Shabu-shabu the other day. This place looks quite good!

    Can’t wait for our outing tmr! Keke!

  • Hehe, it was a coincidence that we were at the same area but I was at Mizi Shabu-shabu the other day. This place looks quite good!

    Can’t wait for our outing tmr! Keke!

  • new kid on the blog,
    there is one in penang? have you try that out???

    big boys oven,
    hehehe, masak masak is always fun. brought back memories of young time. ^^

    nevermind for the deleted comment, gals nite out definately always fun. you can always do so with ur buddies ^^

    let’s try out other place before a re-visit to shabu-shabu, k? how’s holiday now??? must be fun and relaxing. *envy-envy*

    thanks for dropping by ya~
    yeah, like the conveyor belt which is very convenient and also the very hygiene idea of this place.

    wenching & esiong,
    haihz, why were we so no ‘yuan’ that nite?! we would have meet each other!!!

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