Shuguo Yinxiang Restaurant 蜀國印象·火锅 @ Sunway Velocity

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Bubble tea craze is still ongoing, also there is another scene that is fired up fiercely if you ever noticed – the hotpot/ steamboat craze! I was quite shock + surprise when walking along the hotpot street (I shall call it) in Sunway Velocity, there are plenty of them, selling classic SzeChuan Mala Hotpot and ShuGuo had my attention.

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ShuGuo YinXiang Restaurant 蜀国印象·火锅

Got to know that ShuGuo YinXiang is one of the famous hotpot restaurants on this street; situated out the mall at the boulevard area, and beautified with red lanterns and Chinese decorative items that you will feels though you are in China. It is also one that has the longest queue. Be early to snap a table or you will have to wait on the number queue. Diners will be given 2 hours for dining.

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Once seated in, diners will be poured with their special tea – Eight Treasures Tea, made of white chrysanthemum, rose, licorice, stevia leaf, mangosteen, rock sugar and jasmine tea. It is claimed to reduce the greasiness and spiciness from the ma la hotpot, also to have eyes and liver protective effect.

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The variety of sauces and condiments available, just mix and match to make your favourite dipping sauce. Or follow the chalk board to make the recommended house’s signature dipping sauce. There will be a charge for sauces at Rm 6 per pax. There are also fruit cuts and Tong shui available on this counter as a sweet ending.

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Always love my mix of dipping sauce – Sesame sauce + vinegar + coriander + spring onions + garlics + sesame seeds. The original version I always had in China was a mixture of sesame sauce and vinegar but back to Malaysia, I love adding with more condiments!

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Every diner will also be given this mini pot of sesame blended oil to mix into your dipping sauce.

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There were four of us and we went for their Spicy and Original Pot牛油鴛鴦骨湯鍋 (Rm 32) which came with the original pork bone soup base and the mala spicy soup at less spicy level. The clear soup was pretty good, thick and herbal-ish while spiciness of the mala spicy soup was at my right level. I love my meat with the mala soup. Delicious!

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Dumplings水餃 (Rm 18)

shuguo hotpot (7)

Leaf Lettuce油麥菜 (Rm 8)

shuguo hotpot (5)

Meat platter combo大四喜 (Rm 42)
With lamb, chicken, beef and pork

shuguo hotpot (12)

Snow Beef精品雪花肥牛 (Rm 38)
Not as smooth but also ok lar.

shuguo hotpot (15)

Pork Neck豬頸肉 (Rm 20)

shuguo hotpot (16)

Cheese Ball 芝士魚丸 (Rm 22)

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Home made Shrimp Paste手工虾滑 (Rm 22)

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Enoki Mushrooms (Rm 8)
Always the must have for me

shuguo hotpot (21)

Tofu老豆腐 (Rm 8)

shuguo hotpot (13)

Bean Curd Roll鈴鐺卷 (Rm 16)

shuguo hotpot (26)

Beef Tripe大刀鮮毛肚 (Rm 38)
An excellent source of vitamin b12 and selenium. LOL but do not overly eat this as it is quite cholesterol high too.

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shuguo hotpot (22)

There were entertainment sessions started at around 7.30pm; we were being entertained with tea pouring performance and also classic SzeChuan opera Bian Lian 变脸 which was quite amusing and engaging, gaining lots of cheers and claps from the crowd. If you fancy extra services like these, check out this place, I am pretty sure it will give you a memorable experience. Not to mention, the hotpot here is pretty good. The total damage is around Rm 85 for each of us (with a Rm 20 discount voucher given).

shuguo hotpot

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Shuguo Yinxiang Restaurant 蜀国印象·火锅
1st Floor, V03-01-03A, Level 1, Boulevard,
Sunway Velocity 55100, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9770 0078/ 03-9770 0079/ 012-9939 369
Operating hours: 11am-2am

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