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Pasta made in a Japanese style seems to be a hippy and hot topic in the town. There is the Pasta Zanmai monthssssssss ago and now the Pasta de Gohan is (still) newly opened up for business monthsss ago.

It is located at LG level @ Sunway Pyramid new wings, same level as the J. Co. where you could easily find your way to this restaurant.

The cozy fine interior

Look at the plastic mocks, they are so real. And you need not worry; the food served is quite similar to those displayed on the ‘windows’

Gosh, there are about… 72 types of pasta found in their menu. Imagine if you wished to try out all of them, you have to visit here for 72 times (if alone) or 36 times (if came here with a partner). Well, you can just play around with the numbers.

On beverages, they serve

Green tea

Iced lemon tea

Matcha Float, the cool and refreshing one.

Just these?! NO, they do have more beverages and we had only these few.

Can you imagine more than 72 types of food they are serving?! We actually found it difficult to make orders. Think more than twice to put on our orders. We discussed more than 5 times if we should take this or that. Every dish is fully described with alluring words and the pictures captured are appealing.

And finally…. food served…

On appetizer, we had

Pizza – Spicy Cod Roe and Potato Pizza with Mayonnaise (RM 20.80)

The thin crispy pizza came in paper-liked; top with spicy cod roe and potatoes. Taste-wise, it was special, something very special I had not come across before. However, the pizza size like this is way too expansive for me.

On mains,

Japanese Original Sauce – Spaghetti al Nero de Seppia (RM 28.80).

The squid and squid ink pasta which is something you could never want to miss out in this place. The well-blended-in-black fettuccini may look unappealing but it was really great in taste.

Stop wondering! Take action and head for this!

But girls/ ladies try not to have this if you are on your dates with your loved ones. It may give him a ‘Big Shock’!

Japanese Original Sauce – Katsu Tamatoji (RM 25.80)

It was served with pork cutlet and wafu sauce. The deep fried pork cutlet remained at its tenderness and crispy. The tangy wafu sauce was just right on both fettuccini and crispy pork cutlet.

The kids will love this!

Japanese Original Sauce – Eel & Egg (RM23.80)

For Unagi lovers, this is something you would love! Ahhh, do hope that there are more slices of well-marinated and grilled Unagi.

Japanese Basil Style Sauce – Prawns & Octopus (RM28.80)

Going for Japanese Basil Style Sauce?! Prawn and octopus and spaghetti are seriously compatible with this light and fragrant sauce.

Japanese Style Original Cream Sauce – Oyster and Bacon Carbonara (RM25.80)

This was my first time on oyster and bacon carbonara. It seems to be a weird combination e. honestly; it tasted great by mixing the fluffy egg white and yolk with all ingredients and spaghetti together!

Japanese Style Original Cream Sauce – Lobster Carbonara (RM36.80)

Now you can enjoy the Lobster!!! At the price less that RM 40. Yes you hear me! It is just Less than RM 40 with half the lobster and spaghetti or fettuccini. It is a worth to have this.

Rice – Japanese Style Doria with Scallop and Chicken (RM 26.80)

The whole place is only on pizza and pasta?! No, No, No! For rice-lovers, there is something you could opt from the menu. The piping hot steamed rice is layered with plenteously with creamy wafu sauce and topped with scallops and chicken chunks covered. Who can resist the aromatic rice and the large round scallops and fragrant from the creamy sauce?!

On desserts,

Pasta de Gohan is serving quite a variety of dessert. As usual, we love our meal to be ended with something sweet


Oreo Banana Parfait (RM8.80) with the very Oreo taste. Oh, Love this!

Tiramisu Parfait (RM10.80) with a cube of tiramisu brownie, banana and strawberries on top the white soft and silky ice cream. Definitely draw attention from you.


Ichigo-Milk Parfait (RM8.80) with the sourish strawberries, the perfect match with the white silky creamy ice cream!

Macha Azuki Parfait (RM8.80)

It was something I heart the most with a scoop of real brew green tea flavoured ice cream and azuki bean paste and the white big pearl of glutinous rice ball. Yum! ~ The glutinous rice ball was very chewy!

Shiratama Macha Monaka Ice Cream (RM7.80)

The pearl in the shell! It was decorated beautifully and the pearl (ice cream) surrounded with azuki bean paste and balls of glutinous rice ball. Looking simple but glamorous at this affordable price.

That’s the end of our meal with all special diners — Citygal, BigBoysOven, Christine and Jennifer!




.Pasta de Gohan

LG 2.126A,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel: (603) 5621 8166
Fax: (603) 5621 0166
Open daily: 11:00am – 11:00pm
(Last order 10:00pm)

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25 thoughts on “Pasta de Gohan @ Sunway Pyramid”

  • haha … finally Sid reveals his true self? =P

    the desserts look more alluring than the mains. though from the rave reviews, I’d be sure to drop by for a taste of the squid ink pasta!

  • Haha, I'm now imagining how I look like if I have that squid ink pasta, must be very funny…..& ugly also XD

  • squall,
    yum yum yum*

    a must try for the squid ink pasta! do drop by to try it. definately u will be suprised. hehe

    ck lam,
    yeah, pasta de gohan serves a variety of dessert. hmmm… the matcha azuki is something traditional, what i meant is that there is green tea and red bean. you won’t go wrong with that. others like oreo and tiramisu also quite nice.

    dun forget bring a mirror when you were there and having the squid ink pasta. haha, you may see suprise!!! ^^

  • 1st is kompongboycitygirl

    2nd is christine

    3rd is aiwei

    omg….i m waiting for so long to visit pasta de gohan…ish


  • daphne,
    yeah, i should say it’s quite different from others. love the place and environment. but the one in sunway pyramid a little small (the restaurant).

    mochachocolata rita,
    hihi, thanks for dropping by. well, i should say it tasted extremely good!!!

    not to worry, i am sure the next one will be you!!! ^^

    ms. 2 be,
    it’s indeed a great place for a small gathering!

    what a coincident!!!
    their pizza are great! pasta also good. i love desserts the most. haha

  • i wanna dig my mouth onto the squid ink pasta like nobody cares next time! lol.. *when no one’s there la* haha…

  • christine,
    hahaha, he wasn’t there at that time. oh, never forget to wear black color outfit next time. so that the ink won’t mess up our shirt. hehehe

  • kampungboycitygal,
    *wink wink wink*

    when when when?! haha. hope to have it asap but this time without christine n chris (yes/no?)

  • 72 types of food they are serving?
    -_- The price abit expensive =x
    So little foods they give….

  • simon,
    have to make ur time there! ^v^

    ya, it’s quite expansive for me too but once a while, okay lar.

    the squid ink pasta quite nice ler though it looks unappealing. but do have a try!!!

    ooops, sid, pls dun mad at me for accidentally posting up u in that pic ya 😛

  • Stumbled onto ya blog, and was well impressed 🙂 Nice and clear write-ups, and good photography too!

    I like Pasta de Gohan … slurrrrrp!

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