Jia you, My Friend

  • Sumo

Sorry guys for such a long time I do not update my blog. I have so many to write today but I don’t know where to start at. My mood is not that good right now. A kind of sad feeling rose up my mind. Eu Wye and Kah Chun took their flight to Australia just now. Jimmy went on Tuesday. Tomorrow, wendy will be going to new Zealand. Another 2 friends are going to leave in next 2 weeks. To keep it short, I wan to which them best of luck and take care always in foreign countries. Not to mention, do keep in touch with us.

Reading yan’s blog right now. All her posts are very nice and touching. With this kind of situation added up with the sad song from lee hom, Kiss Goodbye, I don’t think I can stand it anymore. Here am I, wanna wish yan.

Jia you ya, yan!

Don’t miss out any golden opportunities. Fully support you.
(you know what I mean.)

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1 thought on “Jia you, My Friend”

  • wonder wat made u so sad yesterday when we chat in msn… oh…it’s my blog affected ur mood.. sorry 4 tat.. but, i realli can understand ur feeling right now…it’s the same to me too… let’s jia you together….

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