Coffee, my Web-Pet

  • Sumo

I’ve got a web-pet. Coffee. It’s a nice name for a cute little tiger. Don’t you think so?! I adopted it the day before yesterday. It’s coffee in colour and with black-striped. Brown is my all-time favourite. I have lots of collection of brown no matter in shirts or skirts or pants. Besides that, my room is full with brown furniture.

I just want to drop by here and introduce my cute web-pet to you guys. I really love this tiger. Wanna named it as Tigger in the first place. However, think of it, this name is quite common. Final decision is Coffee. Tigers are wild, but my Coffee is tame.

It’s quite late right now and I know I should not be here. I am supposed to be in bed. However, I can’t get into sleep lately. It takes time for me to fall asleep. That’s why I still hook up here at this time. All my friends are already in their beds as they are having classes and lectures tomorrow. I am the only one who is always very free among them.

Hope everyone have a great time tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow. Ops, nope… see you guys in 18 hours time. We are going to meet in the café at south city ya. ^^
Khee and Yan, sleep well. Know that you guys can’t sleep well recently

Listening to Ayumi’s new song, teens in acoustic version. That’s a very nice song.
Ayu rocks!!!

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7 thoughts on “Coffee, my Web-Pet”

  • The Coffee is really cute n tame o.. i think i should get one for myself too. kekek:)

    yup… going to meet guys soon tonight. wei, try not to sleep so late. it’ll harm ur health as i’m oso the one who cant sleep early recently…

    take care….n c u…

  • the cat will 1 day grown up and betray you. then you will be his food… LOL~~~

    yan, normal that cant sleep early. But seriously not good for your health, especially your liver..

    Good luck dude.. btw, i like the flash^^

  • OMG! that’s not a cat! that is a TIGER….


    yeah… yan shouldn’t sleep so late. must be in bed early ^^

  • wahaha…c!!!i say it is a cat de lo -.* u don’t believe!!!


    wei arhhh…u urself also go to bed vy vy late ya…try n consult yan some more…

    u also ler…take good care of urself ya!!noe??!!

    haha…ur CAT are cute…but i HATE cat ler…

    wei cutie cutie cat*.*

  • i like cat, but only pussy cat, which is now in aussie liao 🙁

    heheh.. see when the tiger will going to betray you one day. hahha

    btw, how late = late? usually sleep after 2am during holidays, mostly after 4am, woke up 2nd day straight away can eat lunch

    or sometimes i sleep at 9pm, woke up at 2am, is that normal?

  • OMG!!!

    you are really abnormal, dred! aiyooo…..!!!

    anyway, we should sleep early for a healthy life in the future

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