My Big Day ^^

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It was my big day yesterday, 4th of January. Yep big day = birthday. ^^

Okay, I know that I am the first one who steps into 20 among all of you in this very New Year. Ha-ha. Not to worry, you guys are going to accompany me soon. Ha-ha. I admit that I myself am not young anymore. What I need to do is to plan for my future. This is the most important and the very first things I want to do when I step my foot into 20. Time is very precious. I can’t waste a single second or a single minute. It’s very important. Once you plan not well, your future will diminish in your hand. (I only know how to talk but haven’t acted. Aiks).

It was fun yesterday. I fetched Ting Fang up in the morning and drove to Wen Ching’s house. We gave her a surprise by heading up to her apartment without telling her we were arrived. Ha-ha. She was actually fall asleep while waiting us. It was fun chatting and playing with both of them. I felt warm. I felt like we were still in our primary school playing together. Please forgive me. Though we are not young, we do act childishly. This is what I like when I am with them. Can say whatever I want to. Can laugh whenever I want to. That’s why three of us have a nice nickname, Sa poh (in mandarin). Ha-ha.

Then we went to mid valley to take our lunch. I hate Shakey’s Pizza very much. How come they can end up the express lunch so fast?! The rm6.90 set lunch consists of a personal pizza, a creamy soup and a glass of carbonate drink. Me and Ting Fang always want to come here to eat this express lunch with Wen Ching. It’s because the lunch is cheap and can fill up ourselves with just less than 10 bucks. (Me and Ting Fang always count a lot. We always want to take up big benefits but spending less when do shopping and eating). That’s what I learned from her. She’s taking business course in her college. Ahem… We ended up sitting in Shakey’s Pizza ordering 3 personal meal sets with different flavours of pizza.

Then we shopped a little as Wen Ching wanted to get some souvenirs for her friends in UK and she wanted to a present for her special someone. 😛 We also met her friend, Pei Yee in mid valley too. Right after getting everything, we went back to her house. It had been a long time we never took photo that madly like we did last time. Flashes were here and there. From natural to good looking to playful looks. We just took whatever we want. I am going to develop those photographs soon! Thank you, guys. Both of them gave me a very nice big tote in gold colour. That is the bag I always wanted. You guys have spent a fortune on it. In and exchange, me and Ting Fang gave a cute ginger bread man in a chef’s hat to Wen Ching as her birthday present. Besides, me and Wen Ching gave Ting Fang a very nice and cool MNG sling bag for Ting Fang as birthday present too. hope both of us like the present. Our birthdays are very close to each others. So we just have to celebrate everyone’s together. 14 years of friendship this year. Cheers, my friends. Cheers to our friendship.

Time to go home. I felt sad and heavy as Wen Ching will be leaving to UK on Friday morning. We can’t be as crazy as yesterday anymore. What we can do now is to wait for another 6 months where Wen Ching will be back again in June. Ha-ha.

I would like to thank to Xue Yan and Yen Ni too. They gave me something that really surprised me. I can’t even blink when I unwrapped the wrappers and saw the gifts. Thanks to you two. Both of them are really nice friend to be with. Cheers to our friendship. Friends forever!

And also Pui Leng and Chee Wei, a nice couple. They gave me a diary planner in pink. They advised me to plan something for myself. Thanks to you both too.

I am very glad to have you all with me. Thanks to everyone. Once again, I want to thank all my friends in my millions billions thank you list. Love you all.

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1 thought on “My Big Day ^^”

  • haha, yeah, it was a day to remember. really happy. i’m turning 20 real soon too, so dont worry, u’re not alone.

    well, it’s great to spend time together with u and fang, gotta wait for 6 more months to be together again. anyway, can u send me the photos that we took when i was in kl? coz i wanna post some of it on friendster…

    thanks. friendship forever despite the distance…

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