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Lai liao, lai liao! After dunno how many season and how many months… I am finally compiling this. LOL! I guess my friend will be rolling eyes on me when she reads this.

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Sachi 幸

Headed by Chef Akira Sano, Sachi is a 10-seater dining space that is specializing in seasonal kaiseki courses that wow not just your tastebuds, but also fully conquering your heart.

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Sachi offers 2 types of menu – lunch and dinner menu that change according to the season. Sachi started off with Sachi Seasonal Dinner Course is a 10-course menu that is priced at Rm 600 ++ per pax. Later then, they launched their Lunch course in Spring which comprised of 8 courses, priced at Rm 400 ++ per pax, available only on weekends.

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The Winter Dinner Course I had earlier was extremely WOW. All the dishes were amazingly done, very fine and the ingredients used were all at its top-notch quality. However, the 10-course dinner to me was really tummy-bursting, so I guess the 8-course lunch menu will be something that fits my tummy best. Wait till I save enough of money and try next time, I will share my experience with you guys.

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Punctuality for the lunch and dinner courses is highly required as chef and his team start cooking at one go; or else your course will be forfeited if you are late, and you will be served with the remaining dishes at time you reach to your seat. So do take note ya! Punctuality is also a culture we must absorb and adapt.

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Winter Dinner Course

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We started our meal with a small shot of unseasoned Dashi, the clear broth that is made of kombu kelps and bonito flakes, whereby Sano-san presented it step by step, cooking in front of the dining table.

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Here in Sachi Dining, diners get to enjoy the whole cooking process, like a performance from Sano-san and his team. You get to watch how Dashi is made, authentically; how the fish is cooked or grill, how the creamy ankimo is prepared, how the desserts are being plated and presented to you. Sano-san also will introduce on the ingredients he uses as well as some steps of cooking when preparing your dishes. He also uses the season’s best ingredients to create his special masterpieces, presenting them in well-designed and posh-looking Japanese ceramic and tableware.

Cannot deny, it is one of the wow-est meals I had; and also the most expensive meal, by far, I splurged in KL.

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Japanese Fruit Tomato
With Snow Crab, Sweet Prawn, Ikura
Sweetness overload with different level of sweetness! Fresh tomato fruit’s sweetness layered with the sweetness from snow crab and sweet prawn; then topped with the briny savoury ikura. How perfect it was as a starter, definitely boost one’s appetite and get him ready for the next course.

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Sea Bream & Turnip Soup with gluten and yuzu peels
It was very aromatic with a whiff of refreshing yuzu scent once we lifted up the lid. Couldn’t help myself but kept sniffing the soup before tasting it. Dashi was cooked with fish bones and katsuobushi; very comforting warm soup, filled with umami-ness.

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Beautiful miso soup bowl’s lid.

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3 kinds of Sashimi Maguro (Tuna), Kawahagi (File Fish), Isaki (Chicken Grunt)
Ahhh, I love file fish and its liver, a lot! Really blessed to get it in this meal! The file fish was dressed with its liver sauce before serving. Felt so shiawase!!!

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Maguro – Tuna

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Kawahagi – File Fish

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And Isaki , this was my first time tasting the Chicken Grunt. Just look at the beautiful pinkish shining flesh, I wish my photo could show its real beauty over here.

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Ankimo Monaka – Monkfish Liver Monaka
Smoked Pickled Radish, Dried Mullet Roe
Ahhhhhh, one of the star dishes of the night! The process of making this ankimo is pretty tedious. Chef presented it in front of the diners and you can see that there are a lot of hard works involved.

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The velvety smooth ankimo was topped with the smoky pickled radish and dried mullet roe (karasumi), then sandwiched in between the crispy monaka. Just hamburger it and munch it on. The whole combination was creamy delicious! I wish I could have another portion of this, it was seriously very good. Guess gonna wait till next winter again.

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Kaki Oilzuke – Oysters Marinated in Oil
Deep Fried Dry Sardine (Chirimen Tororo)
Oyster marinated in white sesame oil, creamy yet very aromatic with the sesame scent; and paired with deep fried dry sardine. This… could definitely make a great drinking snack.

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Amadai Urokoyaki – Grilled Scales Tilefish
Yuzu, grated radish, celery
Grilled tilefish with its scales, paired with yuzu, grated radish and celery, presented in an elegant tableware, just like a piece of art.

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The fish was ladled with hot oil over its scales to make it crispy, and then it was grilled over the charcoal fire for the smokiness. That were a lot of work to present this dish. I witnessed one of the chefs stood at his station to prepare this dish from the beginning till it was served to the diners. It was crispy on the fish scales side and juicy on the meat.

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Shirako Tempura & La France Pear
Grated Radish, Onion, Chilli, Konasu
Creamy fluffy Shirako Tempura compatible well with the tempura pear! The pear was so sweet!

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Himi Udon
Baby Scallops, Mushroom
Came up to this dish, I was very full, but continued slurping it cos it was another good stuff that must finish up.

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Silky smooth himi udon with umami-filled broth that was dosed with of baby scallops and mushrooms. A poke on the egg yolk and a swirl of it enhanced the smoothness of the udon!

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Japanese Wagyu with Koshihikari Rice
Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe, Burdock Chips
At this point, I asked for only small spoonful of rice as I was extremely full! Glowing shiny rice grain topped with a beautifully marbled Japanese Wagyu and then garnished with Uni, salmon roe and burdock chips! Beef and uni, the powerful combination with creamy sweet and velvety texture. So yum! I just wished the burdock chips can be extra crispy!

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Miso Soup
Mitsuba, Seaweed
Tummy warming miso soup with mitsuba (a unique Japanese herbs) and seaweed.

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Steamed Sweet Potato & Tofu Cheese Cake
Strawberry, Blueberry Sauce, Ice cream
At this stage, my stomach was in an explosive stage. Very very full lol.
Sweet potato was very sweet, served alongside with the ice cream; while tofu cheese cake was something I fancy. However I find the sweet ending was a little mismatch as the whole combination was very rich and cream. This added more burden to my stomach. Dun get me wrong, they were all the delicious stuffs; just that my stomach had exploded. I guess their lunch course with 8 courses is more of my kind of menu. Wait till I try out their lunch course, I will share up again 🙂

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Yay, it was my birthday! Thanks to my friends for the arrangement!

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Blessed birthday with the Sushi-kaki.

14, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Dinner from 7am to 10pm
Lunch from 12.30pm to 3pm (weekend only)
Closed on Mondays

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