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Yay!!! Finally… it was like finally… I managed to visit this place! I always wanted to visit this, I tried making reservation since June 2019 but Soon Heng Social Club is always fully booked once it is opened for reservation. Tried so long and finally we got our reservation done! Thanks to dearest friend Sze who managed to grab us the table on my birthday month (January this year). Once they have put up the notice on “open for reservation”, we set our alarm and booked it right when alarm rang!

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Soon Heng Social Club

Is definitely the city’s best kept secret. Soon Heng Social Club is not an ordinary restaurant. Manned by the brother team, Jack and Larry, this place opens only on Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm onwards. They will only take 20 pax per session, they do not accept walk-ins and reservation has to be done through their Instagram, details and where about will be given after booking confirmation. Menu changes every month; you will have to pre-order your meal before your reserved date. I like this idea as it helps to reduce the wastage of food.

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A step through the door, I found myself being greeted by very friendly Larry; and instantly, I felt as though I was transported back to the “those old days”. The place is filled with lanterns, antique-looking lamps; the wall is plastered with calendars, posters, old-style advertisement, tikam-tikam, games, packet snacks; exactly what I played during my childhood days, and also the snacks I treasured a lot. LOL.

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Every corner is filled with nostalgic charm and every corner is kinda instagrammable.

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The drink bar counter

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And what amazed me was this something behind the drink bar counter – that poison cabinet! Druggist who works in hospital will understand the fun and pain of opening up this poison cabinet every 4 months, on rotation basis in every department. LOL

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Pre dinner snack

soon heng (16)

Lemongrass Passionfruit (Rm 9)

soon heng (28)

Artisan Hawthorn Berry (Rm 8)

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Nutmeg Sour (Rm 6)

Each main come with your pick of 2 sides from Parmesan Roasted Potatoes, Chestnut and Oyster Mushroom with Italian peas and Mesclun Salad. As we didn’t read clearly and didn’t place our orders of sides, the chef gave us all of them, I think.

soon heng (23)

Spicy Thai Style Grilled Boneless Chicken Leg (Rm 39)
Served with coriander, kaffir lime oil, chili and lime

soon heng (24)

soon heng (26)

Roasted NZ Premium Boneless Spring Lamb Leg (Rm 55)
With Mint Sauce and Red Wine Lab Jus

soon heng (25)

soon heng (21)

Australian Grain Feb Prime Angus Sirloin Steak (Rm 79)
Using chilled and very well marbled Angus; made medium and dosed with pinkish hues, it was juicy, tender and delicious! I like my pick, it was really worth paying for. The portion was huge to me and the whole dish was garnished in a very appetite-boosting colourful way! So pretty!

soon heng (27)

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Jack’s Min Masak Special Fried Chicken Wings – 2 pieces (Rm 14)
Must must must order this if this is available in the month’s menu! Perfectly marinated and deep fried into golden brown. That’s really fingers’ licking good!

soon heng (32)

Strawberry Short Cake Roulade (Rm 25)
Served with vanilla Ice Cream and House-made crumble.

soon heng (33)

soon heng (40)

Here with my partners-in-crime

soon heng (1)

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