Cheese Tart @ W Mart

  • Sumo


Who hasn’t try out W Mart’s Cheese Tart? If you haven’t, you gotta try it out because it is really good, generously filled with cheese, blueberry jam and also fresh blueberries!!! Moreover, it’s really cheap!



Priced at Rm 2.99/pc or get half dozen at Rm 15.99. Do the maths and it will be Rm 2.67/pc if you get the half dozen box.


Blueberry Cheese Tart with dome shape cheese filling, light, creamy and cheesy; filled with blueberry jam and fresh blueberries too. The pastry base was flaky and crispy! Of course, you can’t compare this with the Japanese cheese tart because the baking method is different, and the ingredient used will be different too. However, they are the cheapest good cheese tart in town and won’t burn your wallet a hole!



Matcha Cheese Tart and Black Sesame Cheese Tart are available too! Price at Rm 4 each. The tastes of these tarts don’t really up to what I fancy, or I would say weird… Still prefer their blueberry cheese tart to these both.





By the way, if you spend on a cup of coffee (Rm 8), you can get a cheese tart for free (after 11am)!



W Mart
No. 9, Jalan Dua,
Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.

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