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Sigh, ringgit malaysia is weaken and the currency of other country is hiking up. It is a pain to see that when it comes to shopping and trip planning. Even the annual trip to our neighbour country at the northern area I also have to think twice. Ahhh, I really need to satisfy my Thai food cravings ler…

Okay lar, got this one to satisfy the craving a bit…

go thai

Go Thai

Located near the police station in SS2, this is the place I have been reading a lot about. This is the place that has appeared like everywhere up on social media and blogs. This is the place, serving thai street food delights which are simple and comforting.


Khao Kha Moo (Rm 10)
This is the first thing you will notice once enter the restaurant. You will find the huge bowl of pork trotters which has stewed to perfection on the food cooking counter. Hence, a must to order. Stewed pork leg which was layered with evenly with the chewy gelatinous skin, slippery fats and tender lean meat, served with pickled vegetables, vegetables, braised egg and white rice. Exactly like what you will get in Thailand or any food court in Thailand. Love the melt-in-mouth texture of pork leg slices to pair with the pickled vegetables.



Moo Thad Khathiam (Rm 9)
Deep fried pork slices coated with fragrant garlic sauce and served with fried egg and rice.


Kwey Tiow Nam Sai (Rm 7.5) in clear pork broth
Taste greater with dashes of fish sauce, chilli flakes, and sugar added in.


Phad Mee Korat (Rm 9)
Thai style fried noodle which is pretty much similar to Pad Thai but without peanuts, tofu and pickled radish added in during the stir-frying process. It was sweet and tangy in flavour. Additional of thai chilli flakes burst out the flavours.


Moo Ping (Rm 10 for 3 pcs)
The must have and I had this ordered x2 because it was just too good! Charcoal grilled pork fillet or the BBQ pork fillet appeared in shinny glossy brown, scented with a sweet-smelling smoky flavour and it was meaty with chunks of fatty layers in the pork fillet. A little bit like the Chinese BBQ dried meat (yok gon) which was sweeten and smoky, but this version one was tender and juicier.



Tom Yam Seafood Soup (Rm 13)
It was loaded with lots of seafood in this bowl of spicy with a soft sourish hint of tom yum. However, it was not a memorable one.



Som Tum (Rm 8)
Famous Isan papaya salad. It was fiery hot and spicy, sweet and sourish at the same time. I really have to say, this is very hot yet exciting for the taste buds!!!


Thod Mun Moo (Rm 7)
Homemade pork cakes dosed with herbs and spices.


Cha Nom Yen (Rm 4)
Thai iced milk tea which I find it is lacked of tea flavour. Still prefer the Ngam’s version.


Tub Thim Krob (Rm 6)
If to compare with Ngam’s version, Go Thai’s Thai red rubies was less creamy, less greasy and it was quite a refreshing desserts to end the meal and wash of the spiciness level that retain in your mouth.


Go Thai
187 Jalan SS2/24,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 0122891922
Located near SS2 Police Station; next to Piau Kee Seafood Supply
Opening hours: lunch and dinner
Closed on Mondays

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2 thoughts on “Go Thai @ SS2, PJ”

  • Oh, the Moo Ping is just too good to stop at one skewer right? I’m going to BKK to have the real real authentic one, yeah! But my heart skips a beat when change currency ~>_<~

    • ahhhh, lucky you!!! when are you going to BKK??? i miss BKK very much and yeahhh, my heart just couldnt pump when I see the currency >.<

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