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I always have those sudden special cravings when the weather turns chilling. Just last Saturday, the weather was so perfect, chilly and cool and then my tastebuds craved for something different. That was why I brought my family here, for something different and exotic – I’m Spicy Thai Restaurant

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Tucked in one corner end of a row of shop houses in this quiet neighbourhood, I’m Spicy is a Thai restaurant that serves authentic Thai street food with homecooked taste.



I’m Spicy House Drink (Rm 15 per jug)
Ice blended comes with the mix of pandan, lemongrass, lime and mint leaves. Very refreshing drink and it left a strong pandan flavour aftertaste.


Som Tam (Rm 12)
Papaya salad was fresh but somehow, it was lack of something, the fragrant and flavours from the mix of everything. On this, it was only spicy and sour.


Yam Pia Duk Fu (Rm 18) or known as Catfish Salad
Crispy fried shredded catfish tossed with spicy and tangy green mango, something appetizing to start off with.


Tom Yum Seafood (Rm 18 for small; Rm 30 for large)
This was the small one that feeds 2. We had the choice of clear soup. You could always opt for the thicker that cooked with coconut milk. With prawns, sotong, clams in the spicy sourish soup based, really kicking the taste buds, easy to go at first and later on the spiciness would left on the tongue for quite some times.


Green Curry (Rm 18 for small that serves 2)
Pork curry cooked in their homemade curry paste using only freshest ingredients. Loaded with herbs and spices, pork slices and mushrooms; very fragrant and not spicy.


Mu Bhing (Rm 18) or Grilled Pork Skewers
Chargrilled lean pork skewers were great too; very well-marinated, charcoal-grilled and served in satay-liked. Don’t forget the spicy dipping sauce that gives the extra kick to the grilled-s. If you don’t fancy pork, opt for the chicken version.



Thai Stewed Pork Leg (Rm 25)
One will always see this dish in any supermarket’s food court in Thailand. And yay, we could find it here. Served with kailan, preserved vegetables and eggs, aha, love the fatty layers a lot! Good but the portion was small.


Heart shape Jasmine Rice


Red Ruby Waterchestnuts (Rm 7)
With honeydew, nangka slices and red ruby waterchestnuts


Lortchong (Rm 6) or also known as the Thai Cendol
Pandan flavoured cendol, nangka, honeydews and sweet corns drenched with coconut milk and sugar.

On the desserts part, the red ruby water chestnuts was not up to the standard but Thai Cendol was a good go, thick and well balanced with the gula and fragrant coconut milk.

Verdict: Taste wise, I’m Spicy serves good authentic Thai food and some street food we could always find in Thailand. Portion wise, they are small, very small and hence I find it quite pricey to pay for.


I’m Spicy Thai Restaurant
1, Ground Floor,
Jalan 17/45,
46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7954 2281
Business hours:
Available during lunch and dinner hours
Closed on Tuesdays

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