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Eat clean, eat healthy! This is what we are emphasizing in our meals these days. And often, people might think that clean food and healthy food is always those oats or overnight oat, baked chicken or fish seasoned with just salt and pepper, lots of greens … those boring bland and tasteless food. What’s more?! The fuss of making this food where you have to go through grocery shopping, preparing, cooking and cleaning the kitchen… Aiks.


Well, not anymore now because there are various healthy food delivery services nowadays that provide yummy clean meals and one of them is…

Epic Fit Meals Co.


Located in Damansara Perdana, Epic Fit Meals Co is manned by a bunch of passionate youngsters, bringing us the Melbourne inspired cuisine such as wraps, pizzas, salad and grilled chicken.


Epic Fit Meals Co is very serious in preparing the food. They made everything from scratch. Even the sauces too, all are made from scratch with their secret blend of natural herbs and spices. They use halal ingredients, premium meats and fresh greens in preparing their food. There is no additives, no artificial sweetener, no MSG in their food preparation. They too, emphasize on serving only fresh warm food. So there is no batch cooking on pre-ordering and everything is made upon order.

For sure, free delivery service is available with a minimum order of Rm 20 and above (within 45 minutes) which covers a few area such as Damansara Perdana, Mutiara Damansara, TTDI, Bandar Utama, Tropicana, Kota Damansara and Damansara Kim.

menu 1

menu 2

For those who are watching on their weight and calorie intake but got bored with the bland and tasteless food, make your wholesome meal orders here. The menu is comprehensive with the kilocalorie of each dish noted at the side. So you are able to count on that when planning your meal. How I wish they are nearer to my workplace and send to Cheras. I would love to order the delicious wholesome meal everyday!!!


Coolie Beautie; 41 kcal (Rm 7.8)
A cool and appetizing juice made of cucumber, apple, ginger, celery and lemon. It works as a beauty tonic and good for nourishing skin and hair. Plus, alkalising your body too!

Red Apple Honey Smoothie; 79 kcal (Rm 8.8)
A super nutrious apple smoothie with fresh yogurt and wild honey; high content in vitamin C and great for digestion and de-stressing. Hehe, I personally prefer this to the coolie beauty coz am always not a fan of ginger.


Epic Grilled Chicken; 249 kcal with Bonza Peppa Sauce; 96 kcal (Rm 12.8 for ala carte)
The chicken is marinated in Epic’s secret herbs and spices and then flame-grilled to order; drenched with their popular, savoury and aromatic sauce which is made with rich, fresh chicken brother and freshly cracked black peppercorns. The chicken breast was very tender and juicy! Yes you hear me… it was made of chicken breast! I have never came across such juicy chicken breast and paired with the flavourful Bonza Peppa Sauce. It was a huge wow to me!!!


Epic “Fried” Chicken Schnitzel; 381 kcal with Eziki Sauce; 70 kcal
The marinated chicken is breaded in their special blend of herbs and spices, then oven-baked ‘fried’ into golden brown. Oven-baked ‘fried’ and not oily! A very healthy version of “fried” chicken and drenched with the homemade eziki sauce. It was a very appetizing Greek tzatziki sauce made from blending of yogurt, cucumber, vinegar, dill, lemon and garlic. So much yum! I believe ladies will love this very much; sourish and appetizing which makes ones going for more.


Irish Colcannon; 122 kcal (Rm 4.8 for ala carte)
The healthy and hearty version of traditional Irish dish made of mashed potatoes with cabbage and leek. This creates a special crunchy texture in every bite.


Mashed Sweet Potatoes; 271 kcal (Rm 5.8 for ala carte)
The paleo version of super healthy mashed Japanese sweet potatoes. On a little drier side but it goes well with every version of chicken and their paired sauces.


Epic’s Cauli-Rice; 134 kcal (Rm 5.8 for ala carte)
Their low calorie and Paleo alternative made from fresh cauliflower and blended with herbs and spices to satisfy one’s rice cravings. It looks like rice eh! Those who are afraid of rice-calorie can opt for this to replace your normal rice portion.


Good Ol’ Breakkie; 415 kcal (Rm 12.8)
A heavenly combination of grilled chicken fillet, pico de gallo, scrambled eggs and rounded off with their epic sour cream, which is then Panini-pressed for toasty fragrant finishing. The all in one nutritious wraps, I can have this everyday!


3A: Apple, Ayam & Api Gourmet “Flying” Pizza; 545 kcal (19.8)
Their pizzas are handmade daily with all natural, fresh premium meats and crunchy. Just look at the amount of toppings. This fiery thin crust pizza is loaded with lots of chunky minced chicken, real mozzarella cheese, crunchy onions and caramelised apple. It was really good and definitely worth every cent spent on it. Yet you won’t have the guilty feeling of having sinful fast food. So yum!


Epic Fit Meals Co.
E105, Block E,
East Wing, Metropolitan Square,
Jalan PJU 8/1,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Open daily from 11am to 11pm
Tel (Order): +603 7733 3375
Tel (Whatsapp): +6017 938 0000

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