Kai’s Plato @ Encorp Strand, Kota Damansara

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NO fork, NO spoon, NO plate!!!

How to eat?!?!


Just make use of the table as plate for your food and dipping sauce and make use of your hand to start digging in!

Kai’s Plato

Located above a Mamak place at Encorp Strand, this is a place where you gonna settle with a new seafood dining experience with your hand as fork and knife and table as the plate. Yes, they are practising “hands and table” dining. The owner finds that people nowadays can’t live without their phone or social media in their life and even bring it up to the dining table; which resulted lack of interaction with each other over the meal time. With this concept, everyone’s hands will get dirty and didn’t manage to touch the phone or update or check a single piece of mail. And and and… what’s more of eating seafood with hands?! That’s definitely the fingers licking good experience.



Interesting wall with scallop shells painted with fun and beautiful messages as décor. This is a warm loving place filled with joy and laughter. Friends and family are coming in a huge gang to enjoy the seafood feast. Be sure to call up for reservation to avoid disappointment.

We started off our seafood feast with some appetizers.


Calamari Hoops (Rm 10.9)
Deep fried tender calamari rings in signature batter. Ask for mayonnaise and chilli sauce, they will squeeze them out on your “plate” (table).


Kai’s Chilli Mussels (Rm 10.9)
Mussels marinated in Kai’s secret recipe. The mussels were kicked up with real lots of garlic and bird’s eye chilli.


Another yummy shellfish which was their Catch of the Day.



And now, going to our main – the seafood platter but in layers!

Captain Platter (Rm 229.8)
The seafood platter for 4 persons came in with three layers of steam pot (with 2 layers of seafood ingredients and 1 layer of soup).

how to enjoy

Firstly, pick your choice of seafood with the tongs provided and place them on your “plate” and start indulging with your hands! Don’t wait. As for the seafood shells, just throw into the bucket provided.


The first layer came prettily with cheese baked mussels, baby abalone, tiger prawns, squids, baby octopus and clams. Soon after finishing the first layer, the staff will be there to move away the steam pot and allow you to continue with the second layer.


The second layer was even more beautiful!!! Mud crabs, slipper lobster and scallops were arranged neatly. The seafood was very fresh. Each of them is burst with natural flavours and freshness of the sea. Dip in their special chilli sauce for extra kick. Oh ya, don’t forget essence-sweeten shredded cabbages that lined underneath the layer of seafood. They were soft and juicy after absorbing the juices from the seafood. Would be delighted if Chinese cabbages were used as it will give an extra sweetness to the whole platter.






The last layer was the “essence”; with all the steamed seafood’s essences dripped down to the last pot and flavoured up the soup that was boiled for hours with lots of seafood. Every set was served with angel hair pasta to go along with supreme thick seafood soup. The soup tasted quite like lobster bisque with a hint of peppery taste. And I actually tapao-ed the leftover soup home and add in meehoon the next day as my lunch.



Soon after the dinner, time for some colouring and creativity activities. We were presented with shell to note down something on and then to be hung on the wall. Go check out their wall, some are pretty creative. Do check out mine on the wall too ya!


Also, we celebrated kampungboy’s birthday here, with cakes from Croisserie.


Complementary red wine from the Kai’s Plato. Cheers!!!
You are entitled a bottle of house’s red wine if you are celebratiog your birthday here and the is within 3 days of your dining date.



kais plato

Kai’s Plato
A-1F-3, Garden Office @ Encorp Strand,
No. 12, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara
Located above the mamak with yellow sign board
Tel: +017 283 2883

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