Restoran Pak Thong (九仔) @ Kepong

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A hidden gem inside the Kepong wet market. If not Citygal brought me in, I wouldn’t know there is such a pretty gem in this market place. It was Kampungboy’s birthday and we decided to have seafood dinner, so we headed to this Citygal’s new find.


Restoran Pak Thong or 九仔 is the one that serving plates of Chinese dishes as well as his signature dishes such as stew pork, buttery prawns to the patrons; cooking Chinese dishes from the freshest ingredients where he gets from the market stall.


Signature Stewed Pork
Soft and tender with the melt-in-mouth fat. I love the chewiness of the fatty layer. Nom nom nom… it was like eating jellies. Heavenly good!



Steamed Crab with Egg White
Fresh crab with big fat juicy claws. Simply steam it with egg white and the egg white is dosed with sweet essence from the crab. Sweet and flavourful.


Claypot Creamy Curry Prawn 瓦煲奶油咖哩大头虾
The big prawn head was really fat and huge. Coated with sinful and creamy buttery curry sauce. a must to order as this is another signature of this restaurant. But don’t be as greedy as us, ordering one prawn for each pax. A prawn can be shared between 2 unless you can finish one by yourself along with other dishes.



Chewy textured meat. Love its sauce the most.


Steamed Lala in Supreme Soup 上汤啦啦
Steamed with bird eyes’s chilli, shredded ginger and supreme soup, finally garnished with Chinese parsley. The lala were super sweet and juicy.



Ginger Egg Fried Rice
We didn’t forget our carbs and ordered the fried rice. The rice was fried and tossed with aromatic shredded ginger and scrambled egg in a Chinese way. So fluffy so aromatic and the rice bits were covered with right amount of oil that gave the non sticky effect. Filled with wok hei too!

We ended up da-bao the rice and the prawn home for next day lunch. Haha, ordered too much and couldn’t finish them. Bill came at Rm 297 for all above and the prawn was the most expensive dish (about Rm 198 for 3 big prawn, sorry I forgot the kgs but they were really huge) and crabs was about RM 60.

Restaurant Pak Thong
Kepong Baru Market,
Jalan Ambong Kanan 1,
Off Jalan Ambong,
Kepong Baru, Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-296 8700 (Kau Kiah)
Opening daily from 11.30am till dinner

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    • yaaa, i remember Jackson Kah.
      i think he may have stopped blogging. but on and off get to see some food photos from his fb.

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