BANGKOK: After You Dessert Café @ Siam Paragon

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There is always room for desserts. Agree?!

I know I’m bad. Please don’t hate me for bringing up these good stuffs that are not available in Malaysia. (But but but, there is always something quite close to or mimic ones here in kl right? I will try to track them down and share with you guys).


Located in the Sweet Avenue at the lower ground floor of Siam Paragon, I assure, this is the fantasy land to all the sweet tooth. Name it éclairs, macarons, toast, ice cream or gelato, froyo or yoghurt, cheese cake or any form of pastries and desserts, you can find it here. And this is what my cousin bro and sis (they are Thai) highly recommended and insisted that I must pay a visit…


After You Dessert Café

A lovely sweet hut that is always crowded. Remember to give your name to the staff and they will give you the number and wait until your number is called. They are calling the numbers in Thai but if you are a foreigner, the number will be played in English. So worry not if you don’t know Thai language, or just check out the numbering screen. We were lucky that we didn’t have to wait too long to secure our seat.


Place your order at the counter and wait for a short while for the lovely desserts to be served.


Shibuya Honey Toast (155 baht)
Soft fluffy thick toast was spread and infused with melted butter, topped with scoops of vanilla and served with whipped cream on the side. Drizzle over the honey syrup for extra sweetness. Every pieces of crispy toast were evenly soaked with the fragrant salted butter. Enjoy the toast with the chilling vanilla ice cream. Love this salty-sweet combination!


Loaded with fluffy whipped cream


Chocolate Lava (155 baht)
Ahhh, who doesn’t love this desserts?! Crusty molten lava with warm gooey chocolate fillings oozing out once putting a knife through it. Served with a scoop of ice cream and cute cuts of strawberries. Love the bittery-chocolate-sourish-strawberries-sweet-vanila ice cream combination. They have another giant version (235 baht) too, given a choice to choose your fillings – dark chocolate, chocolate mint, peanut butter fillings or hazelnut filling. However we had just done our dinner, else we will go for the bigger version or order others to try out.


How I wish I can book another ticket now and fly over for them. Aihhhh, till next time again… Soon, I hope!

After You Dessert Café
Ground Floor, Siam Paragon
Tel: 02-610 7659
Business hours: 10am til 10.30pm daily

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