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Phewww… after a short holiday (huhu, I wish for a longer one) and the very important mission that happened last weekend, finally I get to touch my laptop and pen down a few words for a new post. What’s for today?! Let’s go for Korean food!


Aside from the infamous Uncle Jang that serves Dak Galbi, I discovered another one that serves really good Dak Galbi which I find it very much better than the previous one – Dakgalbi Land. Located in Ampang and opens up for business roughly 3 months ago, this is a no frill restaurant manned by the friendly and lovely Korean family and they greeted us warmly once we entered. The interior was simple and young, plastered with K-Pop posters everywhere and there is a tv showing the latest K-Pop MVs.




Complementary side dishes – Banchan


Mewun Dakgalbi (Rm 20 per portion)
Spicy pan fried chicken


Glad that we were allowed to order a portion to be shared. This popular stir-fry dish is loaded with ingredients such as diced chicken, cabbages, sweet potatoes, tteok (Rice cake) and the important seasoning – the Korean chilli paste. We opted for additional of Ramen (Rm 6) and cheese (Rm 6). Very flavourful and not as hot as my previous experience in Uncle Jang.



Just sit down and relax, the lady boss will cook for you.


This was so cheesy!!!


We also stirred in the bowl of rice from the sundubu jigae set.


Sundubu jigae (Rm 15)
The hot piping appetizing tofu jigae came as tummy warmer too on the rainy day. If you love something sourish, this one will be your thing. Loaded with lots of ingredients such as kimchi, onions and tofu etc, tasted pretty delicious too!


White Radish Soup to put down the fire.

Dakgalbi Land
No. G-3, Dagang Avenue,
Jalan Dagang,
68000 Ampang.
Tel: 03-42877320
Mobile: 011-26232700

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