Bye bye blemish skin, with the power of 3

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Read about the story and I’m sure you understand that she is the person that is afraid of trying new thing/product after a few experimental failures. As a healthcare provider, she would only trusts on products that come with clinical findings and trustworthy studies.


Till not long ago, she was given an opportunity to participate in the Lead The Way Blogger Challenge. She braved up to the doctor for skin consultation, learned about acne and got to know about Papulex.


Dr. Hew from M.A.C. Clinic


Papulex; with the Power of 3


Why is it called the power of 3?!

1# EU-Patented ABA Technology
This is the antibacterial agent that helps to block the proliferation of bacteria (P. acnes) in the outer layer of the skin

2# Reduce inflammation
PAPULEX contains 4% Nicotinamide, a natural molecule derived from Vitamin B3 that has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Studies shown that Nicotinamide is as effective as clindamycin gel in reducing acne severity without inducing bacterial resistance.

3# Reduce sebum production
PAPULEX contains Zinc PCA that helps in regulating the sebum production. clinical studies demonstrated that 1% Zinc PCA lead to a significant decrease of sebum rate 28 days after twice daily application.


Studies said that, it has greater percentage in reducing the number of acne lesions after using it for 2 months!!!


Firstly, cleanse your skin with PAPULEX Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel
It is soap-free and act gently on your delicate skin. It helps to reduce the skin imperfection while cleansing. It contains EU-patented ABA and Nicotinamide which help to reduce the blemishes while keeping your skin fresh all day.Recommended to use twice a day before applying other acne care product.



Next, you can put on a toner and then apply the moisturizer – PAPULEX Oil-Free Cream.
It helps to reduce skin blemishes and imperfection. It contains mattifying agent and specially formulated with the triple section formula (EU-patented ABA, Nicotinamide and Zinc PCA). Works great as combination therapy with other agents as well as mono therapy for long term management. It is fragrance free, non photosensitive and non comedogenic.


The ugly Meee 🙁 with blemish skin… (She is me; me is she)

And even my brother, Kai (the model above) who is having acne skin is using PAPULEX too!

I have been using it for about 4 weeks. Yes, it could control my acne condition; at least I don’t get those big zits that often. Due to my stress level increases as the workload increases, my skin’s metabolism slows down and doesn’t really improve a lot. But then again, all these have to use for a longer period of time to get good result.


Wish me luck in achieving blemish-free skin like old time!
Feel free to log on to Papulex Facebook page for more information and don’t forget to VOTE for me at Papulex Lead the Way Blogger Challenge!

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