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Hectic schedule for the past few months and I got really stress out and worn out. I never really had a chance to rest and relax (except for some eat-out). What I really long for is a trip, a short trip or a rest and relax retreat.


Till last weekend, I was here!


Hehe… Papulax by Invida brought me here! Along with few other bloggers who are also participating in the challenge, we were here for a “retreat” challenge. And since I was away from city, to somewhere with real nature and greenery, I decided to go with a bare face, a face without touch up, make up and purely just cleansed and moisturized. So, if you saw a tired and scary face like a zombie, well, that’s me :] I just wanna let my skin to breathe along with the nature.

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Let’s have a look around the resort – Philea Resort & Spa





papulex trip




Pretty, isn’t it?! With rustic architecture surrounded with the greenery, it is an amazing place to stay over the weekend or for a small holiday. Huge comfort bed (but not the pillows), dim lighting room, cozy atmosphere, facing the tranquilizing scenery; super comfortable stay but the customer service wasn’t really up to the standard. 

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Move on to the event, we had the ice breaking session and games. Get to know each other even better and we really did have lots of fun throughout the session and the whole retreat, they are, the interesting people!

P (34)

Take a break with a small game but our team lost in the game! Ishhh…


P (119)

P (120)

Rested a while and we headed for Treasure Hunt. Ahhh well, this was really a challenging game to me as I have poor IQ and doing better in EQ. And so, the EQ helping over the IQ.

P (137)

Meet the Bloggers 
Papulex, The Power of Three!
Say hi to Hafiz, Shazwani, Jessica and Qua Chee.

P (149)

P (152)

The next morning, we had a meet up session with Dr Hew, from M.A.C. Clinic. Dr. Hew explained all about the acne condition and we’d popped in questions every now and then. He too, help us to diagnose our problems.

P (188)

I guess Dr Hew must be explaining about something nauseating which made me and Hafiz shared the “eeeek” look.

P (216)

Quiz time…. Omggg, that’s tough as all of us didn’t revise >.<

P (219)

The brainy Wani dear won the quiz.

P (221)

The whole trip was a super fun and fruitful one. We learned to know more about the acne condition, meeting new friends and get to know each other better.


And of course, I never forget to cleanse with Papulex soup free cleansing gel during my trip and then moisturize with the oil free moisturizer every day, every night. My skin is improving a bit, and slowly *happy face* I just can’t wait till the day to say bye bye blemish skin, with the power of 3.

Remember, one must remain stress-free in order to keep a good pretty skin, be in a happy mood all the time, have enough of rest and sleep at least 6-8 hours a day, maintain adequate fluid intake and healthy diet and exercise too! 


Don’t forget to vote for me in the Papulex Asia Lead the Way Blogger Challenge too!!! Help me to win the challenge! Mwahhh!

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