Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家 @ Parkes Street, Jordan

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Wantan noodles are one of a-must-to-eat if you are travelling in Hong Kong. That is a simple dish that comes with dumplings made from shrimps and held together by wantan pei (thin sheets of flour wrapper) and covered with springy egg noodles.


My visit to Hong Kong last time was a very short time, but I die-die also squeezes out some times for wantan noodles. Hence, I made my way to Mak’s Noodle in Parkes Street, Jordan, the food hub; which is just a stone throw away from Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司.



Mak’s is a no frills, traditional Cantonese restaurant, famous for their springy wantan noodles and dried noodles or lou meen. Even a cook’s tour Anthony Bourdain was here before!


Signature Wantan noodle soup came piping hot. Every strand of the noodles was springy and with faint hint of lye taste, which was almost invisible. The shrimps in the wantans were succulent and fresh too! However, it was very small in portion and we actually ordered few helpings of this to full up our tummies. Mak’s insists that the small serving size prevents the noodles from sitting in the broth too long and turning soggy. They too, must place the spoon on the bottom of the bowl and then wantans and noodles are placed on top of the spoon. This is how the presentation of a bowl of wantan noodle in Hong Kong


Dry Noodles with Dried Prawn Roes and oyster sauce 耗油蝦籽撈麵 (HK$43)
Something simple and nice, tossed with dried prawn roes and a dash of oyster sauce. But try not to mix up everything together as it will be too salty for one.


京都炸酱捞面 (HK$43)
Sweeter version of meaty sauce to go with the dry noodles.


Plate of Vege

Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家
G/F, 55 Parkes Street, Jordan
Located next to Australian Dairy Company
Tel: + (852) 2302 0908

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