The Ugly Truth

  • Sumo

Long long long time ago
Once upon a time, there was this little girl, gifted with super smooth, fair and flawless skin. Everyone was so envy about her skin and asked her mother, did she eat bird nest? Or …

Her mom’s answer was no, nothing at all but sometimes had milk and fu zhok yi mai tong shui.

old days

During her teenage years, every of her friends were so envy about her skin, no breakouts, fair and smooth. They asked if she used anything, any skin care products in order to have such a flawless skin.


Her answer was No, nothing at all but simple 2 to 3 cleansing steps and with a sunblock, sometimes.


Her skin went great all the time; but not till her uni years where the nightmare started. The course schedule was hectic; numerous assignments to hand-in and a mountain high of notes and textbooks to study and memorize. She had to burn midnight oil daily in order to complete the never ending works. Moreover, her cravings towards fried food, fast food and snack had increased as the stress level increased.


Her skin was no longer as healthy as before. The sebaceous glands of her skin got stressed up and overactive, kept producing oil and then it started with whiteheads and blackheads around the chin and cheek area, then the nose and forehead… and then overgrowth of bacteria and finally lead to papules and pastules.

Now that she has started on her career life, the schedule is always hectic, with never ending on calls and night calls. Sometimes, she has to sacrifice her beauty sleeps too. All the stress and unstable resting hours have worsened her acne condition She tried everything but due to the non-sharp result (and sometimes a bad result), she gave up and sighs.

Sigh ohhh sighhh


Now, she would only show only her eyes, not her cheek or chin or her whole face and she would only show herself after some touch up. She is shy and feels sad that she won’t be able to get back her pretty skin.

But then currently she has this opportunity to participate in Lead the Way Blogger Challenge organized by Papulex Asia. That was why she gets to learn more about the truth about acne and her condition with the doctor. Wishing her best of luck and I will share about the power of 3 in the upcoming post. Meanwhile, feel free to log on to Papulex Facebook page and have a brief read about it. Don’t forget to place your vote to her at Papulex Lead the Way Blogger Challenge!

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Next up: the Solution? Remedy?

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