Kim Kee Seafood Restaurant 金记海鲜饭店 @ Taman Cheras (Yulek)

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A restaurant or a road-side stall?!


Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant 金记海鲜饭店, a forever standing still dai chow place in this neighbourhood. We often named this dai chow as si tao poh (or lady boss in cantonese); that’s what we called the lady boss when we wanna place order or make payment. This dai chow has been here since… I can’t remember the exact day/year, but definitely more than 15 years. The reasons that keep us returning are the great Chinese fares they served and priced very reasonably.


For this post, I compiled 2 of my very recent visits here. We tried to order different dishes so that I could share them with you guys. However, we repeated the Steamed Fish in Nyonya style; simply because it was very addictive. The fish was perfectly done, drenched with orangey-looking appetizing sourish sauce and some vegetable cuts such as tomatoes, eggplants, long beans… I could have a huge bowl of rich with just the sauce alone.


Stir-fry snap beans with dried shrimps; something simple but filed with lots of wok hei


Stir-fry bamboo clams in Kam heong style


The glossy looking ribs 天津骨 (or literally translated into Tian Jin ribs, that’s how they named this dish) was served with fried mantao (or bun) that went great with the special sauce. However, we find the ribs was way too boney to our liking.


On our second visit, we had the ma lai fung kwong 马来风光 (stir-fry kangkung with sambal belacan and chili). It was very fragrant, spicy and addictive. Something we Malaysians fancy.


三味骨(or literally translated into Three Taste Ribs); drenched with mayannaise-liked sauce that has been enriched with the aroma from the curry leaves.


菜香豆腐 Tofu was a little salty on its own but it went great with the fluffy white rice.

For the first visit, the bill came at about RM 100+ (we had fish, pork, vege and bamboo clams). On the second visit, we had fish, pork, vege and a tofy that cost us about RM 80. The portions they served were really huge and fully fed 5 of us.

Direction: If you are coming from Jalan Cheras Roundabout, drive yourself into Jalan Kaskas, after the traffic light and bhp petrol, turn left into Lorong Lobak and move forward a little. You will see the restaurant on the right.

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