Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant 锦水亭 @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

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Months ago, the catastrophe landed on the land of Rising Sun.
Ever since, mum sent in an order, ordered me not to dine in for my favourite cuisine n any Japanese restaurants. 


Mum, fear not, I wanna tell you, it is now safe to consume Japanese food!
Or if you still feel insecure, then have it in Kin Shui Tei @ Tropicana Golf & Country Resort 
(Read on, I will tell you why)…


Special Hokkaido Chirashi Sushi (RM 98)
Countless, countless and countless fresh raw ingredients topped on the white fluffy rice. The rice was kinda special; with additional of roasted white sesame, the rice was extra fragrant. Surprise to know that the Japanese rice that Kin Shui Tei serves is air-flown from USA.


I am shy, cover me up


Seasonal Anago Tempura (RM 30)
The deep fried sea eel and vegetables came with special dipping sauce (on request) besides the normal tempura sauce we usually have.


 The special dipping sauce was hot with a sourish hint that suits the Malaysian taste buds most. 


Smoked Ayu (RM 55)
The Japanese sweet river fish was perfectly smoked, leaving a hint of smoky taste on your palate. Very special indeed. 


Beef Tofu Katsu Don (RM 38)
At the first glance, it looked like chicken katsu don… 



To our surprises, hah, it was actually the slices of beef wrapped over the silky smooth tofu and topped with onion and egg. Creative!!!


Lamb rib steak with homemade special sauce (RM 50)
A fusion of western and Japanese creates this lam rib steak. The sauce was made in Japanese style, well marinated ribs dressed up with this special sauce; we made no noise but polished the plate clean. 


Another highlight was the potato salad. Mashed potatoes with a lil chunks in it, with eggs and little bit of greens finally tossed with mayonnaise and sauces. It was really good. 


Healthy 100% pure fruit juices are served in Kin Shui Tei.
Pineapple + Honeydew; Apple + Tomato


Mummy, this is what i wanna tell you, Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant is the first ever restaurant in Malaysia uses the Radiation detector to do the daily food scanning. They did this as a double checking step to ensure the safety and quality if the food is safe for consumption.

Plus, Kin Shui Tei imports ingredients from Fukuoka; which is very far away from the earthquake epicenter and Fukushima.  

Wanna learn more about radiation safety level?!
We are exposed to a number of radiation daily. There are microwaves, radiowaves, infrared radiation, UV radiation, X-ray……….. and even if you are flying at 40,000 feets, you are exposed to radiation of between 3 and 9 microsieverts per hour. (1 sievert = 1000 millisieverts (mSv), 1mSv = 1000 microsieverts) 

Typical dental X-rays emits about 10 microsieverts.
And compare it with the radiation in Tokyo that rise 10 times above the average level, and even it is 10 times of the normal level, it is amounted to less than 1 microsievert. 
And this is less radiating than receiving the dental X-rays!!! 


See, the reading is way below the dangerous level.
So, fear not fear not as they are safe to be consumed. 


Aha! This is what we called radioactive (and dangerous). 
Gas mantle, for camping lights and pressure lamp; made of thonium oxide which is a radioactive element. The reading jumps up to thousand over….

If the customers want to see the radiation detector, just ask from Kin Shui Tei’s service crew. They would be pleased to show you how they run the scanning and the detector. 


With the assurance that the food are safe to be eaten as the ingredients are imported from Fukuoka (>1000km away from earthquake epicenter and Fukushima), Kin Shui Tei searches the best ingredients all around the world and serves their customers. 

Kin Shui Tei 锦水亭
c/o Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
Jalan Kelab Tropicana,
47410 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-78042079 / 03-78804437 (ext 315)
Facebook page:
Business hours:
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10pm

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  • baby sumo,
    that chirashi sushi is superb!
    i am sure you will love it.

    and that detector is really something. it costs a lot more than our toys.

  • It's really good clarity pictures on here. And, it would be looking to good in it. Thank you so much for sharing your post on here 🙂

  • Hi Ivy, how're you? I've been cracking my head where can I find new places for good food and then I thought of your blog! Thanks for sharing this place and I'll definitely try it! By the way, do they have private room or round table in this restaurant?

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