Plan B @ Bangsar Village 1

  • Sumo

If Plan A is not working, then opt for Plan B.


Yes, Plan B.

We both (with WenChing) have not been to Bangsar Village for quite some times and got surprise to find out the changes done to Bangsar Village. 

plan b

The new place – Plan B is something that brought us here. 

I love Plan B a lot. Once we stepped into this busy place, we couldn’t help ourselves pressing our noses against the display counter; oohing and aahing… 

plan b1

There are a lot to choose from the menu as well as the display counters – cakes, muffins, breads and bars. We wish to try out everything; but we understand, there is always the word ‘limit’ stamped on our tummies. 


Apple & Pecan Muffin (RM 10).
Huge – a word i could find to describe it. The fluffy muffin was generous with apple fillings, touched up with crumbs and pumpkin seeds. Love it!!! 


Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Confit Spaghetti (RM 18) flavoured with dukkah and finished with sour cream. The portion was very very very generous. Very well flavoured spaghetti with lil’ sourish sauce and spiced well too.


It was a love at first sight on this – Macadamia Caramel Cheese Cake (RM 13). Small and neatly arranged with the caramel sauce and caramelized roasted macadamia. 


Super Creamy, silky smooth and soft; simply melted in between the hard palate and tongue. 


Plan B, we will visit you for more!

Plan B
Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village 1.
Jalan Telawi 1, 
Kuala Lumpur. 
Open daily from 11am to 10pm. 
(located right opposite Starbucks) 

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11 thoughts on “Plan B @ Bangsar Village 1”

  • dukkah? I thought is your typo error, after googled it only knew that it's a type of Egyptian food, interesting!

  • LOL.. nice name there.. The shop name is Plan B.. I tot y u keep mentioning plan b plan b.. So blur of me just now.. their food is really nice.. The Spaghetti looks so delicious that I feel like eating it even I had my lunch 🙂

  • choi yen,
    when we ordered this, we had no idea what's dukkah as well. just simply tikam one to order. well, this turned out to be good and flavourful. anddd, the portion is really really big

    lolx, i was blurred by the other writers on Plan B as well. Do visit this plan when you are back. very busy place it is. serves quite good food.
    i gotta revisit for more

  • LOL, same here..i really tot it's a plan b for like choice of venues or stuff
    anyway, all d food looks delish..will drop by PLAN B if im in town 😀

  • celeste,
    haha, at first, i got blurred too till i visited Plan B 🙂
    must try it when you are here.

    must try. and the portion is killing. lolx

    yes, i will visit for more of their desserts too! after the main course, we both got stuffed up to have more desserts.
    our stomach can only shared one.

  • Dear Ivy,

    Thank you for the review! Love the feedback. It is always good to know what we are doing right (and wrong!). Your review has been very encouraging! Thank you!

    You can keep up to date on all our developments via our FB page:!/planb.big

    We're now open from 8am so come in and start your day with us!

    Plan b.
    By BIG

  • hie Plan B,
    glad to hear that you are now opening on 8am. can always drop by for breakfast 🙂

    and i have 'like'-d you on FB.
    happie new year 🙂

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