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Ting ting ting Ting… (The music played pre and post announcement in KLIA).

That’s the rhythm I love most; pack with excitement before flying while listen to the tense flight announcement on air. However, when it comes to the pre-flight meal in the airport, it often gives me headache. The food in airport is always mediocre and expensive. Often, I will have to settle down with fast food and most of the time will be that particular fast food chain because it is the most affordable one I can find.

But not anymore now as we are opened with another option that comes with delicious food that is not expensive and it’s really healthy too! Yay, no more greasy fast food pre-flight to me!


Let’s fuel up the tummy before flying!

Flight Club

Located just right opposite the Plaza Premium Lounge, Flight Club is the restaurant where you can spend your time in and enjoy the tasty and healthy dishes before flying off. They offer a variety of dishes in here. Be it western or Asian, surely you will find something you love to fill up the tummy.


Flight Club encourages people to eat healthy and so, here comes the philosophy. Flight Club emphasizes on the use of herbs and seeds, from rosemary to oregano, and from chia seeds to flaxseeds; creating a range of healthy dishes with all these super food and they are all made in a visually attractive way, blended with natural and colourful ingredients.




Features a cosy ambience that resembling the comforts of home. You can just walk in anytime as Flight Club is opening round-the-clock. There is a buffet salad bar, desert display counter and a live cooking kitchen station where diners are able to enjoy an interactive dining experience while waiting for the flight.





And here is my favourite view – overlooking the runway.



If you are in a rush, you can always grab the wrap and off you go! Quick and easy, healthy too. And most importantly, they are priced reasonably.


Signature Cold-Pressed Juices (Rm 16 each), or you can mix and match your own.
Go With The Flow that encourages a better circulation
Charge Me Up, the morning re-fresher when you land.
Happy Tum-tum for digestion
The C Booster to boost the immune system with a blast of C


Home-grown Farmer Tomatoes (Rm 12)
An exotic combination of oriental flavours – a bird’s nest of papaya salad dressed with roasted ground peanuts, tamarind sauce and tossed with mint leaf.


Hydroponic Baby Cos “Caesar’s Style” (Rm 16)
The classic Caesar Salad of Parmigiana-Reggiano and smoked garlic dressing, given a twist with baby cos leaves, thinly-sliced beef bacon, radish, cherry tomato and anchovy; topped with slices of slow-cooked blackened chicken breast. Read alone the description itself, you will find how sincere the chef does his work.
I love the additional citrusy flavour that added into my salad. So much win, winning my palate.



Tropical Fruit Cocktail (Rm16)
Let’s have some fruits before meal to boost up the appetite. Freshly cut power packed assorted fruits on a cocktail sauce of chia seed, honey-glazed walnut and sun-dried sultana. Gonna attempt the dressing as it was really appetizing.


6°C Fresh Cameron Highland Tomato Soup (Rm 12)
Farm styled tomato soup, served with homemade calamansi sorbet. This is pretty something. It was not over sourish but refreshing and tangy and must have it while it is chilled, very chilled. The above was just the sampling size we had. The normal portion is larger and served in a soup dish.



1824 Beef Cheek (Rm 42)
Braised in beef jus with mirepoix and bouquet garni, and served with couscous grain, buttered-verly Cameron Highlands vegetables and miso gravy. Using Australian calf; it was tender and flavourful; melted right in the oral cavity, with the juice of the beef cheek bursting off. Love their beef cheek!!!


Rotisserie Chicken – Quarter portion (Rm 23)
Slow-roasted to perfection, marinated with our secret recipe of fresh herbs and local spices, always fragrant, tender and juicy. Served with boiled chat potatoes, carrot, broccoli and sweet corn.



The Englishman’s Fish & Chips (Rm 26)
River fish fillet coated with multigrain seed batter, served with a classic apple cider vinaigrette and tartar sauce.


Squid ink Pasta (Rm 25)
Artisan homemade fresh pasta coloured and flavoured with squid ink, cooked with squid, tomato julienne, cilantro and virgin olive oil.


Angel Hair Aglio e olio (Rm 28)
Sautéed “Sepatang” dried shrimp, smoked garlic, scallions, bird’s eye chilli and topped with grilled river fish fillet. A very aromatic dish that dosed with lots of smoked garlic and scallions, tossed in with bird’s eye chilli for that extra fiery kick.


Prawn Risotto (Rm 30)
Served with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese and a hint of lemon and orange zest.


Grass Prawns Thermidor (Rm 38)
Served with Cameron Highlands hydroponic green salad, sautéed butter-glazed vegetable, potatoes and garlic bread



Vegetarian Fried Rice ala Flight Club (Rm 20)
Fragrant white rice, stir-fried with a host of superfoods; chai seed, pine nut, sunflower seed, sesame seed, assorted vegetables and raisins.



Double Valrhona Chocolate Lava Cake (Rm 15)
A moist, velvety-smooth chocolate cake with a heart of melted warm chocolate, accompanied with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream. Do allow a 15-minute of preparation time.

Beetroot Ice Cream with Cheese Cake (Rm 15)
Served with soft and creamy Hanjuku cheese cake, fresh berries and a drizzle of strawberry sauce. Flight Club takes pride of their homemade ice cream. Especially beetroot ice cream where not many ice cream place has this flavour. It was pretty exotic, had beetroot ice cream first time in my life (I have to admit this); creamy and velvety smooth, with a fancy hint of beetroot flavour matching well with the Hanjuku cheese cake.

Try also other homemade ice cream such as Cempedak Ice Cream and Sesame Ice cream; priced at Rm 10 each scoop.


You will see me here, always; if I am flying from here

Flight Club @ KLIA
Mezzanine Floor (level 2),
Satellite Building,
KL International Airport
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily
Tel: +603 8776 1538
Email: malaysia@plaza-network.com

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