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Yay! We fought ourselves places to Private Kitchen – Huck’s Cafe!

It was a tough one as the seats are limited during this festive month. Last week, we (with Kbcg, C&C and Wenching) were lucky to have 6 seats over there to celebrate Chris & Christine‘s birthdays that fall on this December. 

huck's cafe1

Tucked hiddenly in PJ, is this beautifully renovated double-storey corner house (with a hint of Balinese feel), serving quality food at a very reasonable price (the servings are huge too!). Huck’s cafe charges RM 68 nett per pax for a three course meal (starter, main course and dessert) and beverages are included. Reservation is a MUST and kindly view their FB page.


Started with this refreshing drink – Basil Seed Mint Soda

We were presented with 2 types of soup and a garden salad as the starters.


Complementary salad – with Fresh fruits and greens but lack of dressing


Wild Mushroom soup – rich and creamy and loaded with lots of mushrooms.


French Onion Soup – the lighter version of soup as compared to the previous one; overloaded with onions and was best to go with the cheesed garlic bread. Slurrrp!


Cottage Lamb Stew Pie was great too! Love the tender and well flavoured lamb pieces. Oooh, and i love the baked potatoes on top! 


Baked Fish Topped with Cheese and Oats and served with pasta. 
Instead of fried, the chef bakes the fish! This is a healthy idea and it was well compatible with the appetizing sourish pasta. 


Pot-Roast Chicken Meatloaf made of Chickpea, tomato, celery, carrot, cumin, chilies, onion, lemon, oregano and minced meat. The meatloaf was very compact and I find this too heavy for me.Probably that was after having 1/2 plate of the pasta.


Here comes the chef preparing the Meatloaf for us 🙂


“Fatt Putt” Yam Ring


The yam ring was thick and compacted with fresh yam; deep fried and filled in with lots of deeeeelicious stirred-fry fillings.


Too much of food; we were served with Ambarellar Sour Plum to wash them down before going for desserts!


Undivided Lemon – we were the first batch who get to try this on! Sourish lemon cake topped with lovely blueberries. Well, this one was really sour as the chef used few lemons to make this cake. He told us that this was done by an accident and… the outcome was surprisingly good.


and the meals came to an end with English Earl Grey Tea


and fresh brewed coffee


Of course, how could we missed out a toast during the celebration?! 
Thanks to kampungboycitygal for this. 


Chris & Christine posed with the gifts from us 🙂

huck's cafe

1. Say Cheeeeeeese!
2. Christine: Slurrrp, faster ler, I can’t wait to have a bite on it!!! 
3. Christine: Yes, Yes! I want my cake. Make a wish fast and I can bite on the Undivided Lemon
4. Blow – Huuuuuuuu!~

Happy Birthday to C & C!

Huck’s Cafe
26, Jalan 5/58,
Gasing Indah,
46000 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-77812781
closed on Mondays 

Read more at Kampungboycitygal & Kampungboycitygal‘s revisit

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11 thoughts on “Huck’s Cafe – The Private Kitchen”

  • Happy belated birthday to C&C 🙂

    You guys must had a wonderful party at there isn't it?

    I really like this place a lot too, hope I can visit this place someday 🙂

  • Wah … seriously so good that needs reservation in advance for weeks and months?!! Hmm, I'll wait til the hype dies down and get myself a seat. 🙂

  • WyYv,
    do visit. and you will find surprises on their food prepared. very well prepare 🙂

    guess it's because of the festive month and everyone wish to head over for a special dinner. still, have to make reservation on their FB page. 🙂

  • choi yen,
    ur hubby??? kindly view their fb page and contact huck seng for further details.
    when u make reservation, you have to make up ur mind how many ppl attending and what's from the menu you wish to order so that he can prepare 🙂

  • choi yen,
    got ur hubby marrr

    hehe, we love u, so we will give you the best!!! 🙂

    simon seow,
    lolx, no ler. is becoz featured in kbcg only

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