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*the same day after Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant*

While we were heading back to gardens to fetch our car, we passed by D’lish.
‘Let’s go in and have a look lor’, I ask.
‘Why not?!’ she grinned and followed behind.

Although we already had a very full lunch at Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant, we still went into D’lish to have a look. Well, just a look doesn’t mean that we have to sit down and order something.
Just one look to satisfy our desire on D’lish
And just to check out what they are having?!

Look at the desserts chiller. Aren’t these cupcakes adorable?! We couldn’t resist the sweet temptation that suddenly arose in our mind. (We are gals, there was nothing we can do to resist the sudden craving. right? you girls?!)

Double Chocolate Cupcake with Ganache and Marshmallow priced at Rm 6.50, we ordered this upon the recommendation from the staff. Well, we weren’t too sure if this was good as we were kinda afraid of some bad and extremely sweeten and too much sugary cupcakes from our previous experiences. But these cupcakes had the look. So, why not giving it a try?!

The staff then put our cupcake into the microwave and heated it up. The chocolate ganache and marshmallow melted softly and flooded the plate.

Oh my! Honestly, this was so heavenly good! I have not ever tried out such a great cupcakes before!!!
It was really rich in chocolaty
It was moist
It was not sweet at all. You hear me, not sweet at all!
It served best when it was warm. ^_^
The best cupcake I ever had!

Ps. Me gonna try out the other cupcakes of theirs. And, I will cancel off the cupcakes from my blacklist *wink*

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38 thoughts on “D’lish @ Mid Valley”

  • wah, those are some rather serious looking cupcakes there. with a dlish look…hehe…

    me not a cupcake fan but the one you had with the ‘mandi cokelat’ looks fantastic…got marshmallow somemore ;>

  • i think i would be drowned by the amount of cupcakes available..shiok!

  • really that good? I should try for myself to see if that’s real ;P
    have been scared since our experience at Marmalade! hehe…

  • nic (khkl),
    haha, mandi chocolate. i love this term! it suits the cupcake a lot. a very yummy cupcake it is with very less sugary taste. posting this made me crave for this cupcake all of a sudden. sigh…

    cupcake lover?! should try this out! ^^

    apple teo,

    ya, i love dlish a lot. a great time to have tea as well. ust can’t wait for my next visit over!

  • joe,
    LOL, i love another term of yours — drowned by thick chocolate! haha

    that’s will be my next ‘target’ to try out! gonna pay my next visit soon!

    i told you adi, it was really very good (if they never made cupcakes into real sweet and sugary taste). too bad, on our visit to the dlish bangsar, they dun have the cupcakes i want. sobz. i wanna go again, interested???

    cupcakes made ones joy and happy!~

    choco choco choco that can make us Crazy!

    yaya, i tot of trying the raspberry on my visit to bangsar dlish. sadly, they dun have it that day. i will try it on my next visit! Yum~

  • wah, really…tempting…..a great temptation!!!haha, will try it out as soon as i can…haha

  • phooi fun,
    we should go together one day. with wenching along. want?!

    i bet she is crazy over some cupcakes too!

  • yes yes yes!!! sure sure sure~~~~ But tat Wen ching always no time to bother me…. sob sob…. haha…. u ask her!!!!

  • D’lish? not same as Ms Read’s Delicious is it? hmmm, cupcakes sounds fine to me. Why only GALS can drool over sweet delights ah? hehe… me = tong sampah also ..

  • i did a little research after you told me about your “thing”, and if you want a way to make more money using your your blog you can enter this site: link. bye.

  • phooi fun,
    that wen ching ar… i have no idea what she ‘s on now. she is always that busy. no worries, i will get her out once she is free then call u along, k?!

    by the way, when’s your holiday ends?

  • jackson, jeromefo,
    that’s very heavenly good. haha

    d’lish is actually under ms. Read’s umbrella. the different thing is that d’lish is selling much pre-pack food (like fast food but in a healthy way).
    haha, you also like delightful stuff?! then you should try!

    new kid on the blog,
    yaya! choco to destress! i love choc a lot!!! just can’t get away from them.

  • haha, i think tat WC is busy attending her Japanese class recently….erm…i think my uni start on the 2nd week of July…. however, i will be working in an off near gardens from 2/6 till 20/6…. if u guys just happen to hav lunch or dinner ter, then just let me noe… haha….

  • phooi fun,
    okay. near gardens, then that would be easy for us to look for you. and there are lots to eat around there. right?!

    what time is your lunch hour?!

  • Lunch hr normally is 1pm lo….. haha…but quite flexible de…. depends got work to do or not….

  • little inbox,
    it is not sweet at all. i meant, just the right sugary taste. you should have a try!

    high-five! i heart their cuppies a lot too! will return for more or when i m craved for cupcakes or when i m depressed!

    best remedy when u are down’

  • phooi fun,
    aiks… think u gonna make the move to call her out ler… me always ask her to hang out but she seldom reply meeee…. sighhh-o-sigghhh

  • Hey, yesterday when i was too bored at work, i viewed ur blog… n i cant stand my craving anymore… so i went for the cupcake after my nasi lemak for lunch!!!! wau, it tastes good!!! just a little pricy for a cupcake… haha…..
    Em… yaya…. ask her out!!! or else v out without her!!! then gossip behind her!!! then tell her how goos the food is!!! make her jealous…c if she still dare not to contact us or not!!! wahaha

  • phooi fun,
    wah… nice nice. you purposely went over for that cupcake?! very yummy right?! ohhh… i miss the cupcake very much. wish i can go back for it very soon!

    hahaha… we will go without her and make her jealous (bad lar u, haha)

  • yes, i purposely went over 4 the cupcake!!! wahaha…. feel like… i cant tahan makaning!!! haha… i sms her adi la… id she still dun wanna reply me then dun wanna bother her… v go on our own!!!
    i work till end of tis week onli la…..

  • you wowrk until this week only ar, sobz sobz, i am working this week wor. do u work on saturday?! yerrr… nice lar, working near mid valley, can go shopping anytime.

    that CWC is like that one lar!!!

  • she just sms me yesterday. she said u r working n she is attendign her jap class…. so cant make it recently….. ermm… i dun work here on sat, but teach piano on sat… haha….. then maybe v arrange a dinner somewhere 1 day!! haha

  • Yeah, really have to agree with you that it’s the best cupcake that I’ve had so far. Not too sweet but very rich in chocolate taste. Love it! Can’t wait to go to D’lish with you again! 🙂

  • Wah wah wah, now only I read you guy’s comment! Haha, both of you talking bad bout me here pulak! Haha! Geng la you both!! 😀 Ai Wei, I thought u’re working, how to have lunch during weekday?

  • Tis WC scare adi!!! so good gal ya!!! today purposely came to MV n asked me 4 lunch…. so sweet!!! wahaha….muacksss!!!

  • PF and Sugar,

    now only realize you both chatting so much on my comment box here.
    sad case, dlish is no more in mid valley liao. it is now transformed into delicious liao. sobz sobz. where can we get superb cuppies???

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