• Sumo

Having exam this week.
2 tests a week.
lots to study and memorize.

on hold on posting for a week.

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6 thoughts on “Iks…”

  • jia you jia you 🙂 We’ll kick off to Damansara and Rakuzen after exam!! Yay 🙂 Strive for the best and good luck girl!

  • bah~ =_=” ai wei forced me to leave a comment the moment I got back from basketball. Damn it.. aduhai letih ni ibu. ^^ On a much lighter tone, ai wei is my sleeping partner and apparently she snores a lot. Apparently she knows how to bake and not cook =\ a little skeptical here. Nevertheless, will definitely drag your fat ass out of your house when I get back biatch ^^

    ps: long enough boh ai wei jie? =)

  • christine, wenching&esiong, thanks~ 😛 my test over d but the next one will soon arrive. *scary*

    jimmy, do careful with your words lar!!! others mis-un then i am really cham!!!!!

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