Bakerzin, 1 Utama

  • Sumo
The very first time I dined in Bakerzin was last year September with ching. We just ordered a yummy-looking ice cream in Bakerzin after our lunch in an Asian style café.
I don’t quite remember the name of this dessert but something to do with blackforest choc ice cream. There were blackcurrants, chocolate ice cream, brownie cubes and whipped cream and topped with a piece of mind leaf
Blackforrest chocolate ice cream
yeah, i know what you want to say. You wanna say it looks like ‘shit’, isn’t it?! That’s the very first comment Ching and I gave when the dessert was served. Just don’t judge it by the appearance. Yum-yum. But this dessert was kinda pricey. Anyway, it is still a worth to dine under this the dim light and quiet atmosphere.
Today, me and yen ordered a slice of mango mousse as snack while we were waiting for the arrival of leng for lunch. Mango mousse (price at Rm 8.50) was really rich in mango fruit taste and it was not sweet. We both feel as though we were flying heavenly once the mousse touched our taste buds. Ohhh… yummy.

Mango mousse

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