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Wahehehe. Finally, me and Fang hang out together. Sales are on in the city. There is no way for us to miss this sale especially MNG has put up the ‘sales’!!! Feeling delightful right now cz it has been a long time we both never chat and shop and eat together ^v^ We had a nice lunch and snack, spent on clothes and we still have lots of nice stuff to get in our mind. However, Ching couldn’t join us today. >.<

Here we were for lunch
We opted for something not heavy so we both shared the dome’s signature dish, chicken and mushroom pie (costs at rm21 — they raised the price. Previously was rm19.95) and a yummy looking apple and blueberry pie (rm11).

The soup came along with the Chicken and mushroom pie tasted creamy and yummy. And the pastry pie covered on top tasted buttery. That’s a great combination. Words can’t really describe how it tastes until you try it your own.

The apple and blueberry pie was riched with apple. It was refreshing and not too sweet. The taste was ngam ngam hou. Yum~
We both had sweet tooth and bought these as snack after the lunch. Isetan is having a promotion on these Japanese ice creams. 2 for rm 9. What a deal!
The green tea & red bean ice cream (upper) tasted real brewed green tea flavour while the ice cream balls (lower) tasted great too in four flavours — café, green tea, caramel and chocolate). I always like the packing of Japanese snack. They are so colourful, don’t they?!

Fang, Thanks for the dodol you got me from Malacca. I love it very much. Don’t forget, I don’t take durians. kekeke
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1 thought on “Dome, KLCC”

  • yup…lunch at Dome was great!! really long time no see alr…
    haha…ytr was FUN…but i m declaring bankruptcy now…aiks…

    let’s hang out wit chingie soon…!! ^^

    love ya~~

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