Lunch at Chilis, KLCC

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Out to KLCC with my friends, Eldred and Weng Ho. Eldred was watching on his budget and planned not to take something too pricey. KLCC has not much choice in food. We were choosing either Nippon Tei or Chilis but since Eldred don’t fancy Japanese food, he chose Chilis instead. Okay, we agreed and followed him.

Chilis is always crowded during meal times and there were always lot of foreigners. We could hardly get the seats and had to wait for 10minutes. By time we settled down. It was already 2pm and I was hungry since 11.30am…. ggrrrrroooooo…. My lunch has become lunch-ner (lunch + dinner).

After flipping through the menu and none of us aware of the big serving, each of us ordered each plate. Eldred even wanted to order a dessert. But we just warned him not too.
My southwest sling at Rm 8.85 was ice cool blended with vanilla ice cream and pineapple juice, orange juice and strawberry. It tasted sourly fresh fruit juice flavour. I like this a lot but my 2 friends claimed that this is weird. Maybe it is suitable for ladies.

Weng Ho’s chocolate banana at Rm 8.85 was a very sweet ice cool blended with vanilla ice cream and chocolate and banana topped with cream. A very sweet and creamy combination. It will be very full for me if just drinking this alone.

Eldred’s chocolate shake at Rm 8 was another sweet shake. It was much creamier than those from others eateries.

This was Weng Ho’s chicken crispers priced at Rm 21.95 came with fried chicken (looked like fillet for me but it was chicken), fries and a corn. Hmmmm… not bad, I like the fries a lot. He didn’t take the corn cz he don’t like vege at all.

Eldred’s mushroom jack fajita priced at Rm 36.95 came with sizzling chicken with sautéed mushroom and onion.

And this… mix vege (tomato, cabbages…), cheese, avocado sauce in green and the special sauce in white.

And this… tortilla for you to wrap up the 1st 2 dishes.

The handful wrapped up

Here came my explosion salad priced at Rm 22.95. A very enormous portion it was. O.o
How am I going to finish this alone since Weng Ho doesn’t take vege and Eldred was full up with his huge set. I love the baked tortilla dipped in the sour sauce. there were cheese inside~ *favourite*

a table full of dishes

The chocolate shake and chocolate banana were too sweet after meals for guys. They ordered coffee (eldred) priced at Rm 5.75 and coke (Weng Ho) priced at 6.30. eldred claimed that the coffee was way too normal and the creamer that they provided was not enough for him. He also added, the coffee sucks and he found it ‘abnormal’ for its standard. Yeah… their specialty is not on coffee right?

I was super full after the whole meal and could barely move. I had to hug my stomach up to walk around. Fullllll~

Chili’s Grill & Bar
Tel: 03- 21641400

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9 thoughts on “Lunch at Chilis, KLCC”

  • Hi, first time visiting your blog here. 🙂

    Oh its been awhile since I last went to Chilli’s. Miss their lamb shoulder!

  • hi tankiasu, thanks for visiting and dropping a message.


    the food are special and nice~ the lamb shoulder is nice? i have to try it. but this they have a lot of beef dishes *i can’t take beef* sob

  • wah, the food looks nice. (saliva dripping) but y didn’t u guys tried out their grilled steak? i thought that was a recommended dish in chilis?

  • wah, the food looks nice. (saliva dripping) but y didn’t u guys tried out their grilled steak? i thought that was a recommended dish in chilis?

  • wah, the food looks nice. (saliva dripping) but y didn’t u guys tried out their grilled steak? i thought that was a recommended dish in chilis?

  • hi, wenching. i also deno why my friends dun take steak. i guess we prefer something light for lunch but then we all went so ‘heavy’ after the lunch~

  • I love mushroom Jack fajitas! It’s delicious! you didn’t try their mushroom soup? It’s really good~~ thick and yummy! served with a cracker as well… Hm…
    Remember Monday ok… haha

  • heyz.. me again~ just wanna let u know that I’ve mistakenly used Chris’s account (btw…he don’t have a blog 🙂 ) and sent u the previous says. 😛

  • leng, i will pay visit to chilis again. gotta try out their main course next time but the portions they served are huge. gotta drag more ppl to go with me next time.

    yep 😛 won’t forget monday night! kekeke

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