Sushi Groove, 1 Utama

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Wandering around with no reason and carrying a few shopping bag with us, me and yen decided to sit while wait in the place we would have our lunch.

“Groovy, groovy!” that’s the greeting you can hear from the staff once you stepped your foot into the place. I guess it meant welcome or hello. Just like the normal greeting ‘Irashaimase’ (mean welcome) from others Japanese restaurant but they use ‘groovy’ instead.

Early in June I have read about the dining place recommendation from food section in StarMetro. So happened that Leng asked me hang out together and try out this newly opened restaurant. After the long hours of waiting and drinking cups of green tea, Leng finally turned up along with Chee Wei (her darling boyfriend) and Wee Lick.

Here we were in Sushi Groove.

The dim light environment.

The menu. Sigh… they dun have a pretty nice menu and this is their ‘soft opening menu’. Not even drinks or any desserts stated in the menu.
Me and Yen already scanned the menu and decided what to order while waiting. We both opted for Curry Fried Rice Bibimbab cz it looked attractive from the menu. Surprisingly, even leng, chee wei and wee lick wanted this rice dish as well. It was funny that 5 of us ordered the same food. What if it doesn’t taste good?! All of us would have to finish each bowl ourselves.

Curry Fried Rice Bibimbab (priced at Rm 14.90).
It is the Japanese style curry chicken fried rice with raw egg cooked on the hot nabe bowl. Em… However, after the photo shooting, the ‘raw’ egg had become ‘cooked’ egg. We should have mixed up the rice as soon as they are served. This bibimbab had very light curry taste (as usual for the Japanese curry rice type). We found that the rice is a bit dry. No more ‘liquidly’ taste due to the ‘cooked’ egg.

Lion King Roll (priced at 14.90) is voted the best among us. It is the gindara and spicy tuna roll covered in crab salad. This is a must to order cz it tasted really good and juicy.

Flying Geisha (priced at 9.90) voted 2nd among the 3 groovy sushi we ordered. It was the deep fried inari stuff with spicy tuna and cream cheese. It was crunchy and aromatically.

Mayonnaise Dream Roll (priced at 9.90) was filled with salmon and crab baked in spicy sauce. It didn’t taste ‘spicy’ though it said spicy sauce. Seeeeee… there were lots of ebiko on the mayonnaise. Indeed was the appetizing combination for the sushi.

It is interesting to see every groovy sushi has their unique name given by this fusion restaurant. It was really a fun dining experience today and definitely I will revisit again~

Chee Wei and Leng

Wee Lick, Yen and Me

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4 thoughts on “Sushi Groove, 1 Utama”

  • hey hey… so fast publish dy… I’ll update mine soon too! 😛 will put a review link to yours!! Nice pictures gal! Looking forward to go makan makan with you again ok!!!

  • leng, thanks for the pic. i feel we dun have enough pic on us lar~ kekeke… can’t wait to hang out and have meals with you guys again.

    when ar when ar?!

  • walau, cant believe that u’ve added to many things to ur blog!! i haven visit ur blog for some time. the food looks so nice!! ur blog seems so cheerful, haha! nice nice!!

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