My first day of working

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Today is my first day of working. I’m working in an office as a clerk. My working hour is from 8.30am to 5.30pm. In between, there is an hour of lunch break.

I have no working experience at all. And this is going to be my very first job. And this time, I will try to gain as much experience as I can. What have I done on my very first day?! Firstly, I was given 2 thick files to separate out the bills accordingly the date and rearranged them again accordingly to the amount. I thought they were easy. However, they took me 5 hours to finish all! I was also given a copy of paper and to calculated the amounts and filled it. God, I did many mistakes and used the correction pen all over the papers. Sigh… The copy needed to be passed up. My manager just looked at them and smiled sheepishly. I was then given a very BIG file again. Well, I had to check at all the price one by one. Well, that’s the easiest thing for me. The hardest thing of all will be the photocopy machine. It took me times to deal with it. Iksss… that’s tough. People as clumsy and dumb like me really need some times to deal with it. I am still learning to use it.

Aiks… I still have to work out with the file and billing tomorrow. Think it will be a tough day tomorrow. Think it positive! Weekends is coming soon! There will be time for me to hang out with my best friends and take some rest!

P.S: might be my posture problem when sitting, I am suffering from back pain all the time. Sigh…

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4 thoughts on “My first day of working”

  • hahahahhaaha….. at last u got ur job liao!!! y i’m so happy???!!! coz i know that now no ppl can kacau me when i’m working liao… hehehe…. now is my turn 2 kacau u when u r working liao~~ wahahahahaa…. nvm la…v hav 2 learn everything from zero since v dun hav working experience… still remember t 1st day i worked also dunno how 2 use t photostat machine de la… is jz ok if u dare 2 ask others… ur 1st day work is good compared 2 mine… Anyway, jia you la!!! i will always sms n kacau u de la!! hope i wont ‘kena sotong’ soon…

  • Woah, Ai Wei also working ah. Well what can I say, I know your pain..
    Anyways gambate la..
    Must report any sexual harrassment u know.

  • well, thanks for u all the care towards me.

    to xiong khee,
    you wont get BIG WHITE ENVELOPE so fast. i know you do very well in the company. Jia you ya~
    aware, kekeke, i will always sms to kacau you. cz you know, i am very free sometimes. keke

    to roy,
    am i really a PIG???

    to himitsuheart = wye,
    thanks for that
    let’s gambate together.
    you also o!!! jia you!

    and thanks for yan, ching and also fang who sms me!


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